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We assist global business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in establishing a company in Bulgaria. Our extensive experience will ensure a stress-free, client-focused approach and excellent value for money

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Are you looking for the best low-tax, easy-to-manage location for your international business?

Then our Bulgarian company formation is for you. Formationwise offers a full array of services for incorporating your company in Bulgaria. Our professionals can offer you high-quality personal advice on all areas of the incorporation process, as well as represent you or your company throughout the project.

With Formationwise, you won’t need to visit Bulgaria even once for the company formation.

Our skilled team will get it done fast while you relax at home. Your company will be able to commence its operations within a few days after completing the appropriate founding paperwork and sending them to our office.

Irrespective of the size or nature of your company, Formationwise has you covered.

Our innovative company formation services will relieve you of the time-consuming, complicated and tedious registration process.

What we do?

We will help you in identifying the most suitable type of company for your business, preparing the company documents, applying for a Tax ID and representing you in front of the Bulgarian company registration department. Our Bulgarian experts will also assist you in opening a corporate account with the bank of your choice in Bulgaria.

Need more assistance?

Our team of experienced bookkeepers and tax advisers can also assist in managing the tax affairs of your Bulgarian company. At Formationwise, we will make the whole company formation process as simple and easy as possible so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the formation of your new business in Bulgaria.

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    Select your desired package

    Simply choose the right package for your needs by filling out our form, by call or by placing an order on our website.

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    Make a payment

    After finalizing the correct package make the payment for your selected services and send us your documents.

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    Send your documents

    Forward us all the necessary documents through an email with documents attached or by phone

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    Company formation

    Once we receive the payment and the required documents, we will start the company incorporation process in Bulgaria

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    Open a bank account

    We will help you open a corporate or personal account with a reputable bank in Bulgaria

Types of companies

The most popular type of company is the limited liability company, which has lower registration and associated expenses as well as fewer reporting obligations. Many foreign companies in Bulgaria also opt to establish a branch that serves as a right wing of the parent company’s operations overseas.

For any information regarding the type of Bulgarian company that best suits your business, contact our representatives at Formationwise for detailed information on all of these business types. The following types of companies are available for incorporation, with no restrictions for foreign investors:

Minimum share capital for Bulgarian Company

A Limited liability company/Ltd company in Bulgaria requires a minimum share capital of 2 BGN (equals to approx. 1 euro).

A joint stock company requires a minimum capital of 50 000 BGN (approx. 25 000 euros) of which at least 25 % must have been paid at the time of incorporation.

Time frame for the incorporation

A Bulgarian limited liability company can usually be registered in approximately 2 weeks, once all the documents have been collected. It takes around three days for the company incorporation from the moment the share capital is deposited.

Do you provide a registered office address or a virtual office?


Is bookkeeping or an annual return required?


Foreign-ownership allowed?


Services we offer

Why form a company in Bulgaria?

Very low tax rates

Bulgaria has one of the lowest tax tariffs in the EU with a corporate & personal income tax rate of only 10% each

Member of the European Union

Bulgaria is a member of the EU. You can enjoy all the advantages of working in the EU once you incorporate a company in Bulgaria

Straightforward registration process

The formation of a company in Bulgaria is a simple process with no complex formalities, and all investors can immediately commence their activities in Bulgaria

Best location

Bulgaria is geographically located next to some of the best countries and offers good access to markets in Europe, the Middle East, etc.

Reasonable employment costs

Bulgaria offers the most competitive costs of labor in the EU

No double taxation

You won’t have to pay double tax in Bulgaria because of its treaties with more than 60 countries

No VAT on exports

There is a 0% VAT rate in Bulgaria on exports. Bulgaria’s local VAT rate is 20% for goods and services, and 9% for tourist services

Low business cost

The cost of doing business is quite low as compared to the other EU countries. There is a high availability of skilled and trained labor in Bulgaria

Why choose Formationwise to set up your offshore company in Bulgaria?

Formationwise provides professional company incorporation services In Bulgaria. Here are some of the reasons why you should collaborate with Formationwise to register an offshore company in Bulgaria:

Full range of services 

We provide a full array of services, from bank account opening and taxation to accounting, auditing, and more, so you can run your business operations hassle-free in Bulgaria

Highly experienced

Our team has years of expertise assisting entrepreneurs and corporations of all sizes in Bulgaria with company formation, tax planning, trademark registration, and many more

Free initial consultation

We provide free initial consultation on strategies or the provision of services for evaluating and establishing a legal entity on any corporate matter in Bulgaria

Fully confidential

When you work with Formationwise to register a company, you can be certain that your records, data and personal information are completely secure

Fast and dependable

We will get your company up and running in accordance with Bulgarian law in the shortest time possible

Types of companies you can register remotely in Bulgaria

We will remotely prepare and obtain the documentation required for you to form a company in Bulgaria. Here are some types of companies that we can establish remotely for you in Bulgaria:

Limited liability company (OOD/LLC/LTD)

Formationwise can remotely incorporate an LLC for you in Bulgaria. An LLC is the most preferred mode of doing business in Bulgaria by foreigners. This type of company is perfect for small and mid-sized companies.

Joint stock company (JSC)

A joint stock company in Bulgaria may be founded by 1 or more foreign persons or legal entities. Foreigners who register as a JSC in Bulgaria are subject to the same legal conditions as locally held businesses.

Sole trader

Once a foreigner acquires a permanent resident status in Bulgaria, he or she can register as a sole trader. Sole trader registration could be beneficial, but not always required when the yearly turnover does not surpass EUR 25k.

How to start the company formation process?

Choose your company name and type

Simply select the company name and the type of company you want to incorporate in Bulgaria by filling out our form or call one of our team members for any help

Appoint a representative agent for your company in Bulgaria

Hire Formationwise as your representative agent to represent your company in Bulgaria

Pay the minimum share capital

Deposit the minimum registered capital of 2 BGN (Bulgarian Lev) in case of a Bulgarian limited liability company (OOD or EOOD) in a local bank account to start the registration process

Submit the documents

We will prepare and submit the Articles of Association for your company in Bulgaria

Applying for a business license

Our team will verify and apply for a business license for your Bulgarian company on your behalf

Tax registration in Bulgaria

Once everything is finalized, we will apply for tax registration and a tax identification number for your LLC in Bulgaria

Documents required to register a company in Bulgaria

Cost of company formation in Bulgaria

Here are some of the costs you need to consider before registering a company in Bulgaria:

Registration fee

Approximately EUR 983 for company registration forms, business name, company documents, certificate of incorporation, etc.

Virtual office cost

Approximately EUR 25 per month, however further information can be acquired from our team.

Company formation fee

Approximately EUR 800, however for further information, please contact our company formation experts in Bulgaria

Bank account opening fee

Approx. EUR 100 per account

Share Capital

1 EUR for establishing an OOD in Bulgaria

Accounting cost

From EUR 30 per month for varied accounting service

Bulgaria Basic Package

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$ 1200
  • Swift company registration
  • Accounting and Auditing Services
  • Bank Account Opening

Bulgaria Exclusive Package

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$ 2300
  • Swift company registration
  • Accounting and Auditing Services
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Business advisory
  • Website creation
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Bulgaria Premium Package

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$ 1900
  • Swift company registration
  • Accounting and Auditing Services
  • Bank Account Opening
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Table of Contents

Request a Call

Would you like to speak to one of our financial advisers over the phone? Request a call back and our team will reach out to you shortly.


You certainly can. Simply complete our online application form and leave the rest to Formationwise. We will help you through the whole process of registering a company remotely in Bulgaria.

The full process of incorporating a company typically takes around two weeks. With the assistance of our Bulgarian professionals, the procedure may be expedited even more. The opening of a bank account takes roughly 2 weeks, depending on when our team receives your documents.

Bulgaria has one of the lowest corporate taxation rates in Europe. Companies that are registered or do business in Bulgaria must pay a corporate tax of 10%.

Dividends paid by Bulgarian establishments to foreign stakeholders and residents are subject to a 5% withholding tax under local law.

A limited liability company/Ltd needs a minimum share capital of 2 BGN (equal to approx. 1 euro), whereas a joint stock company requires a minimum capital of 50 000 BGN (approx. 25 000 euros), of which at least 25% must be paid at the time of formation.

Any foreign person can establish a limited liability company in Bulgaria. There are no legal restrictions based on whether or not the foreigner is an EU citizen.

Foreign investors who wish to open a branch in Bulgaria must follow the Bulgarian Registry Agency’s laws and regulations, and appoint a representative agent or an attorney to help with the registration process and for document preparation. When registering a branch in Bulgaria, we recommend contacting our team of Bulgarian company formation agents for help with the incorporation process.

Yes, you can get our virtual office package, which is ideal for foreigners who want to start a company in Bulgaria but don’t want to open a formal office. A virtual office package includes a prominent company address in Sofia or any other key city in Bulgaria. Some of the virtual office services we provide in Bulgaria include the collection of your mail, providing a local phone number allocated to your business, and offering a meeting space for business meetings. If you want to use our virtual office services in Bulgaria, please feel free to contact us today.

Yes, all you need is your passport and an address you want to use for registration. As a foreigner, you can easily open up a bank account in Bulgaria online. We will guide you through the whole bank account opening process and open an account with the Bulgarian bank of your choice.

A joint stock company is one whose capital is divided into shares. The joint stock company’s trade name should be unique in Bulgaria, followed by the extension AD. One or more natural or legal people can establish a joint stock company. The minimum registered capital of a joint-stock company is approximately EUR 25,500. At least 25 % of the share capital should be subscribed in order to start the company registration process.

Yes. Every LLC/OOD must designate a local registered agent and have a local registered office address in Bulgaria, which may be the same as the registered agent’s address.

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