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Business consulting is becoming more and more significant, and it can be highly beneficial for newly established businesses in Bulgaria trying to establish standing in the marketplace. For international investors, Bulgaria offers exciting opportunities and a market that is evolving for new businesses.

What we do?

At FormationWise, we realize how hard it is to start or run a business in an overseas jurisdiction like Bulgaria. That is why we offer premium corporate finance advisory, compliance advisory, technical advisory, digital advisory, business consulting, strategy consulting, financial consulting, tech consulting, human capital consulting and eCommerce consulting services to entrepreneurs or investors looking to expand or grow their operations in Bulgaria. We help you in overcoming any obstacles that you may face while operating your business effectively in Bulgaria.

Why FormationWise?

You can depend on our business consulting and advisory services during all stages of your business in Bulgaria. We can help new and established business owners in Bulgaria save both time and resources through our solid business advisory services. 

We are here to guarantee success

With the help of strategy consulting services, FormationWise is in a position to assist you in achieving your business development objectives by revealing insightful information and fresh viewpoints that can be essential for your company’s success in Bulgaria. Our team of corporate advising professionals provides comprehensive services to meet the unique demands of your Bulgarian company.

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You can put experienced tactics into practice to get your Bulgarian company operating smoothly, and come closer to reaching your objectives by combining our powerful corporate financial advising solutions, strategy consulting, and marketing consulting services.

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Our advisory and consultation services in Bulgaria

Building and optimizing your business strategy

Any company or business in Bulgaria, whether new or established, has to optimize its business strategies to increase productivity, sustain operations at a low cost and retain its competitiveness with other companies providing related products or services. FormationWise develops and puts into action business optimization techniques to help your company perform better in the cutthroat Bulgarian market. Our team of strategy experts will develop a successful business plan that will progress your business in Bulgaria after thoroughly examining its existing position and performance. We will guide you through the whole process using our years of expertise to ensure you obtain the best outcomes for your business in Bulgaria.

Digital strategy

Most modern businesses are aware of the importance of digital systems and an online presence. Nevertheless, a lot of businesses continue to implement these changes gradually and without any guidance. The ideal action to take is to adopt a digital strategy in order to get an advantage over rivals, take advantage of current trends and be ready for the next innovation. FormationWise can create a powerful digital strategy for your company in Bulgaria that focuses on employing the latest technology to grow your business, whether by creating new digital goods or digitally improving your current business operations. By implementing our innovative digital strategies, we can help our customers in recognizing fresh possibilities, unearthing great value, creating an unforgettable experience, and successfully managing their businesses in Bulgaria.

Human Resources (HR)

The dynamic and ever-changing business environment of Bulgaria creates many human resource management challenges which need to be properly addressed and managed. FormationWise is focused on delivering the best and most effective human resource solutions to the challenges you are facing to hire or retain employees and enhance your business productivity in Bulgaria. We realize how tough it is to keep up with the ever-changing employment rules and complex HR responsibilities in Bulgaria. Outsourcing the HR operations of your Bulgarian business to FormationWise can help you increase profitability and help lower the expenses linked with your HR team. Our human resource team will help you create foolproof recruitment strategies that will enable you to successfully run your business operations in Bulgaria.

eCommerce implementation

The eCommerce industry in Bulgaria has grown rapidly in recent years. It's essential for your business to develop an eCommerce strategy that takes into account the demands of your customers if you want to maintain a competitive edge in the Bulgarian market. If you operate a small or mid-sized firm, implementing an eCommerce solution may seem like a difficult endeavor for many business owners. FormationWise provides top-notch eCommerce implementation services to relieve you of the hassles of designing, developing and implementing an online store in Bulgaria. We have a team of eCommerce consulting professionals on hand to assist with all of your online business goals in Bulgaria.

Marketing strategy

Marketing is critical for every firm to achieve its immediate and long-term growth goals. From product launch to rebranding or repositioning, we have the skills and experience to design a superb marketing strategy and plan for your business in Bulgaria. Our marketing strategy specialists can help you create and execute a solid marketing strategy for your Bulgarian business. With our exceptional understanding of the Bulgarian market and thorough market research, we provide comprehensive marketing strategy services to Bulgarian businesses. FormationWise can assist you in developing and implementing a marketing plan that will allow you to successfully build your company in Bulgaria.

Risk assessment and management

By creating several risk assessment and management strategies to deal with the unexpected, you can position yourself to tackle even the most challenging circumstances. FormationWise has the expertise to carry out an effective risk management assessment in order to develop a comprehensive risk management plan for your business in Bulgaria. We will identify, analyze and report the risk exposures that your Bulgarian business may face while working in Bulgaria. Our risk assessment and management plan can significantly reduce any negative impact on your revenue, productivity, and customers working in Bulgaria.

Legal advisory

Our legal consulting team provides a comprehensive range of professional services to corporate and individual investors looking to create a local presence, form a company or resolve any legal business issues in Bulgaria. We advise clients from a broad range of business disciplines including start-ups and established businessmen, and provide the best legal advice to help them regardless of their type, size or industry in which they operate. Our Bulgarian legal experts provide legal solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your Bulgarian business. We attempt to identify the most appropriate solutions, ones that will enable you to resolve the legal problem as quickly as possible so that you may continue operating your business without interruption.

Compliance services

We understand that the primary goal of successful compliance is the adoption of innovative standards and procedures, which create a robust compliance environment inside your business. Our compliance solution experts work with your team to provide a customized service that is detailed, functional and cost-effective. FormationWise can support you in making strategic decisions that build your financial foundation in Bulgaria while satisfying corporate compliance needs. With our help, you can uncover cost-cutting opportunities and reach your corporate, and personal financial goals in Bulgaria. We regularly monitor Bulgarian laws and regulations to provide you with the most up-to-date financial planning and tax compliance advice for your Bulgarian business.

Technology consulting

In today's fast-changing Bulgarian environment, an experienced technology consultant not only offers relevant insights, but also a mix of strategic vision, proven skills, and practical experience to increase the worth of your business. Our technology consulting professionals at FormationWise deliver solutions that are specific to your company's requirements and industry. Whether you want to streamline, upgrade or modernize your Bulgarian business, our technology consulting solutions can help. Our services vary from strategy, design and development to implementation, risk management, and managed services. We often work with business leaders to address problems and assess how technology can help their business in Bulgaria.

Financial management consulting

Controlling and monitoring your funds is essential for the survival and development of your company. Planning, managing and controlling your financial resources is required in order to reach your company goals. Innovative financial management practices can help your firm succeed by assisting you in making informed choices, controlling costs and managing cash flow. FormationWise can maximize profits and boost the credibility of your company by controlling all facets of your business finances. Our knowledgeable financial management professionals can help your company best use its resources, fulfill stakeholder commitments, increase the market share and position it up for long-term financial stability.

Operations management consulting

Optimizing operational efficiency and performance has never been simple. Nowadays logistic constraints, market turbulence, changes in expectations of customers and the introduction of digital operations make managing your day-to-day operations in Bulgaria much more complex. In addition to helping you continuously improve your everyday operations, FormationWise provides the expertise and resources to help you boost efficiency, value and time efficiency for your business in Bulgaria. Our operations management professionals have vast experience helping individuals in the creation and operation of profitable Bulgarian businesses. We will use our knowledge and experience to make your business operations in Bulgaria as productive and profitable as possible.

Environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability

Investors, customers and the community expect Bulgarian businesses to raise public awareness of climate change and lessen their detrimental consequences on the ecosystem and society. Even while many Bulgarian firms understand that they must take action, they often struggle to come up with new ideas. FormationWise offers a broad variety of global skills and expertise to help your company in Bulgaria meet its goals and be clear about social responsibility. By using our global environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions and fostering sustainability, you can help your Bulgarian company, society and the environment. We can assist your company in Bulgaria achieve its ESG goals with our creative ESG Framework.

Why choose Formationwise for advisory and consultation services in Bulgaria?

FormationWise offers world-class corporate advisory and business advisory services through a wide network of qualified partners in Bulgaria. Here are a few reasons why you should engage Formationwise for your Bulgarian advisory and business consulting needs:

Full range of services

From technical advisory and tech consulting to financial consulting, eCommerce consulting, human capital consulting, strategy consulting and more, we provide a wide range of services, so you can run your business operations efficiently and stress-free in Bulgaria

Highly experienced

Our team has years of expertise assisting new businesses and companies of all sizes in Bulgaria with digital advisory, technical advisory, compliance advisory and many more

Free initial consultation

We provide a free initial consultation to evaluate and devise the best advisory and consultation services for your company or business in Bulgaria

Fully confidential

When you choose FormationWise for the best advice and consultation for your Bulgarian business, you can be certain that your business data and personal information are completely secure

Effective and reliable

We offer top advice on how to effectively manage your business operations in Bulgaria, to help you grow your revenues and take your business to the next level


Our team of financial experts offers the best advisory and consultation services in Bulgaria at the most competitive price in the market. The best part – we never compromise on quality

Transparent pricing

Honesty and integrity are the top priority here at FormationWise. You will never incur any hidden fees or costs when you choose our advisory and consultation services in Bulgaria

What are the specifics of advisory in Bulgaria?

Audit advisory

Many companies need financial audits and auditing services for statutory reasons or to disclose financial data to authorities, banks or investors. FormationWise can provide statutory audit, tax audit, compliance audit and internal audit advisory services for accounts and financial statements for small to mid-size companies. We have strong technical skills in offering corporate audit advisory services in accordance with the relevant standards of each jurisdiction we work in.

At FormationWise, we have always considered it part of our responsibility as auditors to provide practical support and advice in assisting you to find answers to the difficulties posed by the constantly changing business culture. All of our audit work is carried out in line with recognized audit practices that adhere to International Standards on Auditing.

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GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Today, personal data is processed almost everywhere – by employers processing employee data, by retailers processing customer data, by healthcare providers processing patient data, and so on. Whether it is the implementation of new software or the contracting of new service providers or the running of new promotional activities, Bulgarian companies should always be aware of the personal data protection rules, especially the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

FormationWise has expert knowledge in the field of personal data protection. We ensure that your business is in accordance with the GDPR policies of your jurisdiction.

Public procurements

FormationWise offers advice and prepares documentation for your business in Bulgaria at all aspects of public procurements, contracts, agreements, and challenges. Our experts can prepare and submit documents for participation in the respective procedures, perform analysis of the draft contract, consult in concluding contracts, and offer legal assistance in the contestation of the procedure’s results.

We assist contracting authorities in preparing the documentation for public procurement and also help candidates in preparing and submitting the documents which are necessary for participation.

Public Procurement

How will my business benefit from consultation services?

If you are looking to grow your business in Bulgaria or are stuck in a complex financial task, engaging a business consultant can help. Even the most successful businesses struggle with some challenges and need outside help to overcome them. This is when business consulting can be highly beneficial to your business.

Here are a few benefits that you can expect when you hire a business consulting service:

Achieve your goals

Every business owner has goals they would like to achieve. Be it obtaining business financing, launching a new product or expanding your business in a new market, a business consulting firm can support your business in achieving its defined objectives in both the short or long term.

Save money

Many businesses choose to take on a business consulting service in order to streamline their processes or identify inefficiencies in the way their business is running. This results in better business practices and bigger financial savings.

Save time

Running a lucrative business demands a lot of effort and time. Appointing a business consultant can help to lighten your burden and free up your time to deal with more important concerns.

Make the right decisions

A professional business consulting expert can help you take the best decisions for your new or established business. Whether it's advice on investing or how to expand or grow your business effectively in Bulgaria, a business consultant can help.

Advisory or Consultation - what are the differences?

Despite their similarities, consultants and advisors often play various roles and have varied methods in which they might help businesses. Although their objectives and types of activities might differ, both sorts of experts are in charge of offering expertise to businesses. In order to choose the right person for the job, it’s important to recognize the distinction between advisors and consultants.

What is an advisory service?

Advising or advisory refers to the activity of providing advice to professionals or businesses to assist them in making decisions. An advisor is responsible for examining a company’s internal affairs, determining how they connect to its overall objectives and offering methods to enhance them.

What is a consulting service?

Consulting is the activity of offering advice and expertise to a company or group of individuals on a certain topic. Clients often present a particular matter to a consultant, who subsequently works to fix the problem.

How are they different?

Consulting and advisory are two roles that are close but not identical. The duration of time the consultant spends with the client is a significant difference between advising and consulting. While consultants work with their customers for brief periods of time, advisors often collaborate with their clients for a longer period.

Typically, consulting is done on a project basis, while an adviser works with clients over time, providing support with ongoing business challenges.

Although both advisors and consultants can work for firms both inside and outside, their work cultures often vary. Advisors often work with business executives to develop strategies and evaluate the business over time.

Consultants, on the other hand, often operate independently, however they may also work for consulting businesses as employees. Consultants interact with businesses on a regular basis for shorter periods to solve difficulties. Rather than keeping an ongoing connection with customers consultants may opt to engage with a firm for a single project.

Benefits of a good business strategy

A well-thought-out strategy to help advance your goals is required for a business to succeed. Regardless of the size of your company, you need a strategy that helps you establish the path of your firm and continue to focus on it. Without a solid business strategy, the existing resources are underutilized, resulting in poor performance. Here are a few advantages of having a successful business strategy:

Helps you plan your objectives

When launching a business, you must have a clear vision to keep you motivated. Having a strong business strategy allows you to examine and decide where you want to take your company in the future. A sound business plan helps in the creation of a successful business strategy that will greatly benefit your company in the future.

Helps evaluate your strengths and flaws

Knowing your objectives can help you identify your company's strengths and limitations. Most businesses, however, concentrate on their strengths and overlook the need to rectify their deficiencies. Creating a smart company plan can reveal your underlying shortcomings, allowing you to focus on addressing them and growing your business.

Helps you in acquiring the right skills and information

Knowing your objectives and what you want to accomplish can help you grasp the abilities and information required to attain them. A sound strategy is essential for making the best decisions in your company. Having the necessary capabilities can take your company to the next level.

How to start the advisory and consultation process in Bulgaria?

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A sound business strategy can provide clarity during the launch of a new brand or the evolution of an existing one. FormationWise can design a solid business strategy from scratch that can strategically envision how to best build your brand. Our business consultants can provide industry knowledge to your business to help you in scaling, acquiring new prospects and driving revenue. We can help you manage your business by building your business strategy and in some cases even executing it. FormationWise can help your business identify opportunities for growth and develop specific strategies to sustain progress, and optimize team performance.

Whether you’re an established or a small business, you need to stay on par with the digital world and have a strong online presence. If your local business already has a website, you’ll want to focus on improving your online presence to stand out from the competition. Recognizing your target audience using social media, creating an engaging website, implementing the right SEO techniques and maintaining a good brand image are all good ways to boost the online presence of your brand or small business.

Every time a situation or the legal framework of a certain issue turns more complex than you were expecting, you should consider getting legal advice. A legal advisory service offers the best guidance on critical processes and plays a vital role in creating the internal legal framework, helping you comply with basic laws. From improving your business profitability and efficiency, providing solutions for legal strategies and actively managing all the legal matters of your business, a legal advisory service can help you meet all of your company objectives.

No matter how great your product or service is, your success will be limited without an effective marketing strategy. Whether you’re new to online marketing or are simply trying to improve results, we can offer the best advice on how you can implement a new and better marketing strategy. If your marketing tactics aren’t generating the expected results, it’s time to alter your strategy. Taking the necessary actions to rectify inefficiencies should prevent you from making the same errors. You’ll probably notice strong results if you reach your message to the proper audience through the right marketing channels.

It is just as important to look after your employees as it is to look after your clients. That is where Human Resource (HR) comes in. This is the department that focuses on employee matters and keeps them connected to the company. A robust, competent and experienced team is essential for every business, but hiring an HR consultant is a more convenient approach to getting the work done today. At FormationWise, our team of HR consultants has the expertise and knowledge to handle the HR function of your business. From payroll and staff management to finding the best talent for your business, we can tackle your HR challenges effectively in no time.

Yes! You will be assigned an experienced and knowledgeable business consultant who would be purely dedicated to fulfilling your business needs, once you hire FormationWise for advisory and consultation services for your business in Bulgaria. Your dedicated business consultant will give you the best advice, guidance, and training in your area of expertise. So, if you are lacking in-house expertise, need a second opinion or require an audit or restructuring of your business, our qualified consultants can help. At FormationWise, our business consultants can help you optimize and develop your core processes, which gives your business an objective set of eyes that can help your company work more efficiently.

Yes, you can! At FormationWise we realize the importance of saving money in the beginning phase of your new business. That’s why we offer a free initial consultation to support you on your start-up or entrepreneurial journey. Our first free session can give you a chance to get to know us and have an idea about our approach to getting your business up and running effectively before you commit to a paid session. In this free session, we will give you a picture of how we will help your business succeed in the competitive and challenging market of Bulgaria.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a comprehensive concept that refers to an organization’s capacity to produce and maintain long-term value in a fast-changing environment, as well as manage the risks and opportunities that come with these changes. The movement’s purpose is to guarantee that businesses consider not just their profitability but also the influence they have on the globe and society as a whole. For the environment, ESG has multiple benefits. It brings awareness to the different climate issues that are occurring and encourages businesses to adopt practices and policies that are better for the environment. It also forces companies to innovate, which not only uncovers different opportunities but can open up more jobs.

When it comes to setting up an offshore company in Europe, Bulgaria offers a very productive environment to do so. Forming an offshore company in Bulgaria is beneficial for a multitude of reasons including its dynamic outsourcing market, well-educated, skilled and multilingual workforce, good infrastructure and the fact that it has the lowest tax rates in the EU. Opening an offshore company in Bulgaria gives you an entry to the European market. You also gain profitable trading benefits from its EU membership and invoices that get accepted everywhere. Bulgaria has double taxation treaties with several countries across the globe, which can be highly beneficial for your international business.

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