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If you want to reduce your tax burden and operate your worldwide business in a vibrant economy, then a company formation in Curacao is for you. Formationwise provides the finest Curacao company formation services to entrepreneurs, startups and established companies looking to extend their business activities through offshore company registration in Curacao.

Why Curacao

Curacao is a region rich with opportunities for individuals looking for offshore company incorporation, getting a gaming license or entering the realm of blockchain or cryptocurrencies. The ease with which casino licenses may be obtained, the lack of currency exchange controls and a stable, and rapidly rising economy are just a few of the benefits that entice international businesspeople and investors to establish a presence in Curacao.

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Formationwise has assisted countless clients with Curacao company formation and can handle all of the requirements, and paperwork necessary for a company formation in Curacao. Our offshore company registration professionals will handle all of your Curacao company formation needs efficiently, so you won’t have to waste time and money looking for the right solutions.

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To establish a company in Curacao or get a license for gambling in Curacao remotely, our professionals will provide you with legal guidance on how to handle your problems swiftly and effectively. Our professionals understand all the complexities of registration and will help you in compiling a set of paperwork for establishing an online casino business in Curacao.

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Types of companies that can be registered in Curacao

The public limited liability company (N.V.)

A single shareholder is all that is required to form an NV that is considered, a private limited liability company. There is no need for minimum paid-up authorized capital and nominee shareholders, and directors are allowed for this type of company. Foreigners do not have to pay double taxes for the same income since the Netherlands and Curacao have a wide network of double taxation agreements with other nations.

The private limited liability company (B.V.)

A BV is a private limited liability company that may be incorporated with only two shareholders. It is permitted to utilize nominee directors and shareholders, and there is no need for a minimum amount of paid-up authorized capital. Due to the broad network of double taxation agreements that the Netherlands and Curacao have with other nations, foreigners are not required to pay double taxes on the same income.


A general partnership and a limited partnership are the two types of partnerships that are legal in Curacao. According to the Curaçao Commercial Code, a general partnership is recognized, and each member is responsible for all debts. They are financially transparent and do not have any filing or auditing obligations. Similar to a normal partnership, a limited partnership makes a division between the general and the limited partners.

Branch office

In order to do business in Curacao, foreign companies may also establish a branch office. The foreign entity has to incorporate its business in Curacao before doing business there through a branch office.

Minimum share capital

There are no minimum share capital obligations for company formation in Curacao and share capital may be set at a single currency or a range of currencies. Shares must be registered, may have a par value or not, have full or restricted voting rights, and a full, restricted, or no right to profits.

However, there are minimum capital requirements based on regulatory requirements for banks, investment institutions, insurance companies and finance firms issuing publicly listed debt bonds.

Time frame for the incorporation

Your offshore company registration in Curacao can be completed in a timely manner through FormationWise. Once we get all the compulsory paperwork from you, it usually takes around 5 to 8 days for company formation in Curacao.

The complete company incorporation process with the local company registrar normally needs 48 hours.

Do you provide a registered office address or a virtual office?


Is bookkeeping or an annual return required?


Is a foreign-ownership allowed in a company formation in Curacao?


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Why form a company in Curacao?

Low taxes

Once you register your firm in Curacao, you can take advantage of reduced tax rates. If offshore companies don’t carry out their business activities inside of Curacao, they may benefit from paying no taxes. They are only allowed to do business with clients and partners outside of Curacao to avail the benefits of lower taxes.

Double taxation treaties

Double taxation agreements allow your offshore company based in Curacao to profit from the trade and business links with other nations. Companies formed in Curacao get access to agreements that prevent double taxation with The Netherlands, Norway, Malta and France. Overseas investors are thus excluded from paying additional taxes in their native country.

Politically stable

Despite being an independent nation, Curacao remains a part of the Netherlands. It benefits from having strong relations with the EU state, which makes it a fantastic offshore location for doing business and gaining access to the EU market.

Good location

Curacao has long served as a commercial junction between Latin America, Europe and the United States due to its geographic position. Curacao has good relations with the European Union because of its links to the Netherlands.


Curacao encourages non-resident companies to maintain confidentiality standards, so your company’s data may stay anonymous. Your sensitive information will be kept safe and secure exclusively inside your company. Curacao’s laws offer this degree of privacy.

Financial security

Curacao offers a stable financial base for your business. This fantastic offshore location features a robust, stable and functioning financial environment that will allow your organization to make financial transactions in the most simple and secure way.

Skilled workforce

Curacao offers a highly qualified and competent workforce accessible at extremely affordable rates. When you establish your business in Curacao, you will have no problem locating the right people for your business. A company formed here can also profit from low-cost business functions.

Easy to maintain

Incorporating a company in Curacao is a straightforward procedure and the company is easy to operate, and maintain.

Why choose Formationwise to set up your offshore company in Curacao?

Formationwise offers professional company incorporation services in Curacao. Here are some of the reasons why you should work with Formationwise for offshore company formation in Curacao:

Broad range of services

We provide a full variety of services, from processing payments and branding strategies to offshore taxes and more, so you can focus on running your business stress-free in Curacao.

Highly experienced

Our staff has extensive expertise supporting new businesses and companies of all sizes in Curacao with offshore company formation, offshore payroll, taxation, and other services.

Free preliminary consultation

We provide free exploratory consultation on strategies or the supply of services for analyzing and forming a legal entity on any corporate subject in Curacao.

Completely secure

When you engage with Formationwise to establish a Curacao business, you can be certain that your paperwork, data and personal information are entirely safe.

Fast and reputable

We will get your company established and functioning in compliance with Curacao legislation in the shortest time possible.

Why is Curacao so popular for gambling companies?

Due to its liberal gaming laws, effective taxation system and ease of doing business, Curacao is well-known as a worldwide center for the gambling industry.

Because of its simple and affordable licensing process. Curacao has minimal eligibility requirements for prospective clients and only levies a 2% tax on net income. You’ll probably be accepted if you have the money and a legal casino model in Curacao.

Owners of master licenses can distribute sublicenses to anyone. Many master license holders offer packages to potential newcomers in the gaming sector. They provide comprehensive solutions for a price that is often less expensive for new entrants than attempting to do it all on their own, including a sub-license, business license, hosting, and other services.

When compared to other foreign places in Europe, the licensing prices are fairly affordable. The initial cost for a master gaming license in Curacao is around $34,000, and after that, there are monthly costs of roughly $5,600 for the first two years. Following that, the operator may discuss future fees with the Curacao government.

Curacao’s gambling rules are straightforward, which makes it appealing as well. Any kind of gambling enterprise just needs one license. No matter whether you operate a casino or a comprehensive online gambling portal, only one license is required.

In comparison to other international gambling jurisdictions, where there are numerous types of licenses, fees that can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, and application processes that are so complex that lawyers must be hired, the process for obtaining a license in Curacao is considerably easier.

Legal requirements for company formation in Curacao

The main piece of the statute regulating how local businesses are run in Curacao is the Civil Code. The Curacao Chamber is the repository for all information about active businesses.

Establishment permit

If you wish to start a business in Curacao, you must get a business establishment permit. An establishment permit is granted by the Ministry of Economic Development and may be requested at the Permits Desk.

Director’s license 

Each managing director is needed to have a director’s license. To work in Curacao, managing directors need both a residency and a work authorization. This rule applies to all expatriates. Dutch nationals going overseas do not need a work visa. Companies in Curacao may employ a secretary, although they are not required to do so.

Audits and yearly reports

Only substantial businesses must have their finances audited. Nevertheless, a tax-exempt BV must have a licensed accountant verify and certify its financial statements. A yearly tax return must be submitted by all Curacao businesses. Although audits are not required, businesses generally need to keep their financial records. Financial statements do not need to be filed annually.

Accounting and financial statements

To the extent of the nature of financial statement permits, the financial statements must be in accordance with generally accepted standards and must offer sufficient information for the initiation of a sound opinion regarding the capital and results, as well as the solvency and liquidity of the business.

General meeting

Broadly speaking, a B.V.’s general shareholders meeting must take place in Curacao, at least once every calendar year, and within eight months after the conclusion of the financial year.

Registered address

A business must maintain a local registered office in Curacao.

What are the documents required to set up a company in Curacao?

The following notarized documentation is required to open a company in Curacao:

How to open a bank account in Curacao?

The most sensible and efficient approach to protect your wealth is to open an account with one of Curacao’s banks, which also offers investors a huge number of benefits.

To create a bank account in Curacao, you must provide the following paperwork in addition to a $100–$500 startup deposit. (The preliminary deposit amount can differ for each bank).

Here are the documents required to open a bank account in Curacao:

Following receipt of these papers, Formationwise will begin the account opening procedure and examine all transactions to ensure their validity.

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For specified businesses, such as investment funds or data centers, Curacao’s standard corporation tax rate has been reduced to 3% starting from January 1, 2020. A tax rate of 4% applies to export businesses, 2% to hotels and new industries and 2% for land development firms. While there is no withholding tax and no capital gains tax for non-residents, the sales tax rate ranges from 6 to 9%. The usual VAT rate is 5%, while the corporate tax rate for businesses registered in e-zones is 2%.

Any business registered in Curacao must have a local registered address. You may expand your company and sell your goods or services in Curacao by getting a local Curacao address. You are free to use this address for any commercial or permit-related purposes. When you work with important customers, the government and corporate partners, having a local address will also help your firm develop outstanding relationships. Formationwise can provide a local registered location for your company that works with your expansion goals when you form a company in Curacao.

At least one director must reside in Curacao for a business to be registered there. Additionally, there must be one shareholder; there are no limits on their country or place of residence, and they may be a person or business. The corporate search report contains the director’s information. Because the shareholders’ identities are protected in Curacao and the shareholder record is not accessible to the general public, shareholder information cannot be found through a Curacao company search.

No. The offshore company registration procedure may be completed effortlessly remotely with the help of Formationwise, so you won’t need to visit Curacao for this. Our team of offshore company registration professionals will incorporate your business in the shortest amount of time feasible, once you provide us with the paperwork needed for company formation in Curacao. We will oversee the company formation in Curacao process through a power of attorney (POA) from your side. The POA will be produced depending on the services you need for company formation. Formationwise can help you with all company formation requirements online or over the phone, whether you wish to launch a new Curacao business or buy an existing one. This allows you to relax in your home country while we handle all the work on your behalf.

Located at the intersection of trade routes between North and South America, and Europe, Curacao, which is a component of the Netherlands, provides a balanced work environment. Curacao has done well to create an economy that takes its funding from investments and blends it with local resources, along with other activities that have effectively made it a reasonably established and high-quality market for the area. The nation is rated relatively high in terms of output and GDP per capita because of this developed market. The Curacao government has a welcoming policy for foreign enterprises and businesspeople in order to expand their sector, and entice overseas investors. As a result, incorporation is quite simple and attractive.

A secretary may be appointed by Curacao companies, although it is not necessary. Many businesspeople engage a corporate secretary for administrative convenience and to lessen the burden on the board of directors. It is suggested that a Curacao resident or citizen be selected for the role since the secretary would be in charge of a broad variety of administrative duties relating to the company. The secretary may take care of all administrative concerns relating to your company’s operations and can assist in maintaining the right documentation, such as statutory registers and authorized company minute books. We may provide secretarial services and act as your company secretary if necessary for your Curacao business.

Investors might benefit greatly by opening an account with Curacao’s banks. The company will be able to create a commercial bank account as soon as it has registered with the Tax Administration and the Curacao Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This is crucial for new businesses. Having a company bank account makes it easier to handle tax and financial matters. In this manner, personal and corporate finances will be held separately. Opening a bank account in Curacao may be a wise decision for your business. The most sensible and efficient strategy to save your money is to open an account with one of Curacao’s banks.

The warm and welcoming Curacao is one of the finest places to start a business abroad. You will benefit from the same advantages of doing business in a European nation since you are a member of the Netherlands. In addition to providing a business-friendly climate and a highly qualified workforce to satisfy your company’s demands, Curacao also provides a cutting-edge and regulated financial service. Companies that concentrate on exporting or conducting business overseas may be eligible for special tax benefits, such as an export regime or a free zone. Curacao is an excellent place to launch any company because of its cutting-edge IT infrastructure and sound economy that operates under Dutch law.

Due to its lenient export and import regulations, Curacao is a wonderful place to establish a trade operation. There are no trading restrictions in Curacao. The petroleum industry, together with re-exports from the E-Zone, dominates exports. Petroleum products are the island’s principal exports, and they are sold in marketplaces all over the globe. Curacao’s imports have risen as a result of an economic policy that has been liberalized. Over time, the volume of imports entering the nation has dramatically expanded. The main imports into the country are food and drinks. Curacao imports a significant amount of food from abroad due to a lack of agricultural production. Overall, Curacao is a fantastic location for anybody wishing to start a business in the trade industry.

The first stage of creating a business in Curacao is registering your trade or business name. The registration of business names in Curacao is governed by the name registration section of the island state. Trade name registration is permitted in Curacao for both private individuals and corporations. A person or legal entity must first provide their consent and file a request for the registration of the trade name to the Registrar’s Companies Office. Furthermore, up until the Curacao business is dissolved and a removal request is submitted, the Trade Register will keep the firm name on file. On your behalf, Formationwise may apply to register your business name in Curacao. A name must be distinct to be accepted by the name registration agency.

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