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Why Gibraltar?

If you wish to move your business operations to an offshore location that provides significant advantages, our Gibraltar offshore company formation services should be your first choice.

Gibraltar is an excellent place for an offshore company formation since it guarantees your presence in the EU, has a much-reduced tax rate and also has a welcoming regulatory system.

Who we are

Formationwise is a prominent worldwide corporate and financial services provider with years of expertise in the Gibraltar market, offering the best company formation in Gibraltar. We will help you choose the most effective and efficient type of company for your Gibraltar business before forming and registering that company in accordance with local rules and regulations.

What we do

Our specialist corporate services help businesses in Gibraltar grow and become sustainable. We offer the essential services of administering and maintaining offshore companies Gibraltar including Gibraltar offshore company formation, Gibraltar company formation with bank account, offshore company registration, offshore company setup and many more services. 

Why you need us

Formationwise will make the process of company formation in Gibraltar as simple and straightforward as possible, allowing you to devote your time and resources to more vital aspects of establishing your business. You can count on our Gibraltar offshore company formation professionals to provide the best offshore company formation experience throughout the registration process.

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Types of companies that can be registered in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Non-Resident Company (Limited company)

Foreigners typically establish a non-resident company to start their business in Gibraltar. Gibraltar refers to offshore companies as Gibraltar non-resident companies (NRCs), which are equal to normal IBCs or limited companies.

A Gibraltar-registered company must meet the following conditions to qualify as a non-resident company:

Gibraltar limited liability company (LLC)

The Gibraltar public limited company (PLC)

Minimum share capital

Gibraltar does not have any minimum or maximum share capital requirements. But usually, a minimum share capital of £100 is required. 2000 equal shares make up the average number of authorized share capital, which is roughly £2,000. Any currency may be used to depict the share capital.

Time frame for the incorporation

The Gibraltar offshore company formation procedure takes between 5 to 10 working days, once we have received all the required valid documents, subject to clearance from the competent authorities. These in-depth checks may affect the timescale of the company formation in Gibraltar.

Do you provide a registered office address or a virtual office?


Is bookkeeping or an annual return required?


Is a foreign-ownership allowed in a company formation in Gibraltar?


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Why form a company in Gibraltar?

Favorable taxation

Gibraltar has no tax on capital gains, succession tax, asset transfer tax, VAT or tax on invested money or savings, therefore businesses are not required to pay taxes on income gained outside of the region.

Thriving economy

Due to Gibraltar’s booming economy in recent years, several foreign investors are now interested in company formation in Gibraltar. Its robust economy is driven by the banking sector, shipping, the travel and tourism industry, and, more recently, the e-gaming sector.

EU Friendly

Gibraltar is a desirable place for individuals or businesses looking to do business in Europe since it is a part of the European Union. This amazing country offers access to retail and financial markets, as well as the chance to do business in the massive European Union market, under a highly regulated, open, and internationally cooperative jurisdiction.


The name of the beneficial owner of a Gibraltar Non-Resident Company is not required to be disclosed, and confidentiality is protected by law. Gibraltar takes maintaining confidentiality very seriously. The names of the beneficial owners may only be revealed by order of the Court if there is reason to believe that the firm is engaged in significant criminal behavior.

Nominees allowed

Despite the fact that the names of shareholders and directors are publicly available, nominee directors are allowed in a Gibraltar company.

Corporate officers allowed

It is possible to hire a company to act as a director or shareholder of a Gibraltar company; the director(s) or shareholder(s) do not need to be residents of Gibraltar to do so.

Easy to maintain

Small businesses are excluded from filing accounts and from having their books audited. A Gibraltar company is not compelled to preserve records locally. If the firm wishes, records may be held elsewhere in the globe.

Simple to set up

There is no minimum capital requirement, and there must only be a single Director and a single Shareholder. The director or shareholder may be of any country.

Why choose Formationwise to set up your offshore company in Gibraltar?

Highly experienced

Our highly professional team, with in-depth knowledge of Gibraltar company formation laws, has been successfully helping entrepreneurs and established businesses set up their companies in Gibraltar

Competitive prices

When you work with Formationwise for company formation in Gibraltar you can rest assured that you won’t be charged with any hidden fees. Our prices are transparent and among the most competitive in the market

Fully confidential

Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects at Formationwise. We guarantee the privacy of our customers by ensuring their records, data and personal information are completely secure

Free preliminary consultation

We provide free initial consultation on strategies or the provision of services for evaluating and establishing a legal entity on any corporate matter in Gibraltar

Full set of services

From opening a bank account and handling complex taxation matters to accounting, auditing, and so much more, Formationwise can handle all your corporate matters in Gibraltar

Quick and efficient

We will get your Gibraltar offshore company up and running in accordance with the law in the shortest time possible

Legal requirements for company formation in Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Companies Act 2014 simplifies company formation processes in Gibraltar, making the small region more appealing to overseas investors.

Memorandum and Articles of Association 

The Companies Act requires all sorts of companies to first prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Association before being registered in Gibraltar. The updated version of the Memorandum will simply provide the company's name, registered address, approved share capital and liability of its shareholders. Every company's memorandum must include the company's name and the fact that the registered office will be in Gibraltar. Any business limited by shares or by a guarantee should have a memorandum that must also specify that its shareholders' liability is restricted.

The Secretary

Every business is required by law to have a minimum of one secretary. In accordance with current legislation, the company secretary, like the directors, may be a natural person or a company. Additionally, the same regulations that apply to the appointment of directors also apply to the appointment of company secretaries. Moreover, according to the Companies Law, the secretary must work at the company's Gibraltar office. Our Gibraltar offshore company formation professionals also provide nominee secretary services to overseas investors establishing businesses in Gibraltar.

Accounting obligations

Gibraltar companies are no longer required to produce audited accounts under current accounting standards. Company directors are permitted to write and update their own balance sheets. Companies may also file their annual reports with the Trade Register in other currencies including US dollars, euros and Swiss francs.

Registered office

A company must have a registered office in Gibraltar to which all communication and notifications may be sent as of the day it starts doing business or as of the date of its registration, whichever occurs first.

What are the documents required to set up a company in Gibraltar?

The following paperwork must be sent to Formationwise in order to form a company in Gibraltar:

If there are corporate directors and shareholders, you also need to provide:

How do I start the company formation process?

Choose your company name and type

Simply select the company name and the type of company you want to incorporate in Gibraltar by filling out our form or call one of our team members for any help

Appoint a representative agent for your company in Gibraltar

Hire Formationwise as your representative agent to represent your company in Gibraltar

Pay the minimum share capital

Deposit the minimum registered capital of £100 in case of a Gibraltar limited liability company in a local bank account to start the registration process

Submit the documents

We will prepare and submit the Articles of Association for your company in Gibraltar

Applying for a business license

Our team will verify and apply for a business license for your Gibraltar company on your behalf

Tax registration in Gibraltar

Once everything is finalized, we will apply for tax registration and a tax identification number for your LLC in Gibraltar

Cost of company formation in Gibraltar

Fees for business license-related issues

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Yes, Gibraltar is a fantastic location for running your offshore business and has a solid economy. Gibraltar is an offshore haven that entices international business owners with its affordable company establishment and maintenance costs, availability of nominee services, and low tax burden. The jurisdiction is an excellent starting point from which to launch an e-commerce firm, an IT business, an import and export company, a property management company, or any other sort of business endeavor due to its advantageous taxation system, sophisticated infrastructure, reliability, and security. Nothing has to be translated since English is the official language. In Gibraltar, you will be free to do business anywhere in the world. Gibraltar is also excellent for doing online business due to the lower cost of payment options.

The Gibraltar Companies Act 2014 requires all Gibraltar Non-Resident Companies to establish a registered office in Gibraltar. The Company shall maintain its record of directors and shareholders, agendas and resolutions, share transfer papers, and operational and book-keeping information at its registered office location. To be physically present in Gibraltar, a registered office with a registered agent such as a third party should be appointed who can handle the administration. Formationwise may function as your registered agent and offer a registered office for your Gibraltar offshore company formation.

In Gibraltar, there is a legal necessity for there to be at least one shareholder and one director assigned to each company. The Gibraltar Companies Registry is obligated to keep a public record of the directors’ and shareholders’ information pertaining to Gibraltar companies. To maintain your anonymity, you have the option of acting as a corporate director or shareholder in your own name or appointing Formationwise to do so.

A company secretary (a Gibraltar resident) is mandatory who might be a private person or a business. The company secretary is in charge of maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the business’s statutory records. This includes, but is not limited to, making an annual report with Companies House and maintaining the minute book. The role of the company secretary is a crucial one that requires the secretary to be aware of all communications received by the business at its Registered Office at all times. If required, we can offer secretarial services and serve as your company secretary for your Gibraltar business.

Companies in Gibraltar are taxed depending on their place of business. If a legal entity is managed and controlled from inside the nation, it is termed a resident. Income generated in or obtained from the country forms the foundation for taxes. The taxation rules for Gibraltar branches are the same as for any other company. Non-resident companies are taxed exclusively on income earned in the region. Corporate taxes are typically levied at a 10% rate. Gibraltar has no withholding tax on profits, royalties or interest and no capital gains tax. There are no payroll taxes, transfer taxes or real estate taxes.

If you wanted to open a bank account in Gibraltar in the name of your business, you might benefit from our knowledge of the various account types and services that banking institutions provide for corporate investors and businesspeople. In order to open a bank account in Gibraltar you will need to send us your passport, a utility bill as proof of residence and a valid telephone number, and an e-mail address. You simply need to send us all your details and our offshore company formation with bank account team will open a bank account in the bank of your choice in no time.

You may purchase or start a company in Gibraltar without ever visiting the territory. Although certain forms and other documentation must be sent in paper form by mail, all pre-incorporation and post-incorporation processes can be completed without the beneficial owner’s physical presence. Whether you want to start a new Gibraltar business or purchase an existing firm, Formationwise can help you accomplish all the company formation tasks online or over the phone, so you can sit back and relax in your home country while we do all the work on your behalf. In order for our Formationwise team to represent you before Gibraltar authorities and institutions, such as the Trade Register, a thorough set of power of attorney is needed.

Before registering with the relevant authority, you must first apply for a name with the Gibraltar name registration authority in order to form a company in Gibraltar. The business also means building or operating a website that advertises any trade or profession wherever it is physically located, either directly from Gibraltar or through an internet service provider based there. Even if a person is doing business under their own name, it is advised that they should register a company name.

You can definitely set up an offshore company in Gibraltar online. Simply fill out our online application form and let Formationwise do the rest. Through our online services, our specialists will walk you through the full process of incorporating your business in Gibraltar. We will begin by reserving your business name and then gather the documentation required from you for the registration of your company in Gibraltar. After the company is formed, we will open a corporate bank account for you and deposit the required minimum share capital. Finally, we will file the necessary documentation with the Gibraltar commercial registry for companies.

The offshore company formation process in Gibraltar is simple yet complex, and there is little documentation required. We can register your business in as little as 5 to 10 days after you send us your company documents. Formationwise has years of expertise in company formation in Gibraltar and has helped several international businesses successfully start their business operations in Gibraltar. The best part – with our help you can start your Gibraltar offshore company formation process remotely without visiting Gibraltar.

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