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Are you a startup or investor seeking the best advisory and consultation in Greece for your business? Then look no further! Formationwise is here to help you start and succeed in the challenging business environment of Greece by offering expert and professional business consulting and business advisory services.  

What we do

We offer tax advisory, corporate advisory, debt advisory, corporate finance advisory, business consulting, strategy consulting, marketing consulting, sustainability consulting, technology consulting, digital consulting, tax consulting, and management advisory services under one roof for new or established businesses in Greece.

The benefits

At Formationwise, we incorporate consulting skills into our client engagements allowing us to deliver value-added business advice to our customers across a broad variety of specialty areas. Our consultants are competent and service-oriented experts, as well as imaginative and pragmatic problem solvers who can handle difficult circumstances. We promote a professional business atmosphere in which our customers may attain their full potential in Greece.

The team

Our consultants benefit from our extensive knowledge of the law, risk and regulatory environment in Greece, as well as from our extensive experience working with premier in-house legal teams throughout the world. Formationwise assists customers in capitalizing on opportunities while limiting risk. Our consulting services, which are customized to our customer’s demands, strive to satisfy their goals in attaining their business plan.

Our approach

We help you optimize your return on investment by providing a clear vision, knowledge and customized services. Our mission is to offer you customized services that add value to your investment and organizational objectives. We use an integrated approach in asset and project management based on our significant expertise to provide you with comprehensive and customized solutions that match your demands. We operate freely and entirely to your advantage to advance your objectives. This way, you can be certain that you have a reliable local partner in Greece.

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Our advisory and consultation services in Greece

Building and optimizing your business strategy

You should build a sound plan in the early phases of your firm so that you can scale easily. For each project, we take a step back and investigate the business requirements. Any firm or corporation in Greece, whether new or established, must optimize its business strategy in order to boost productivity, maintain low-cost operations, and maintain competition with other organizations offering comparable goods or services. Formationwise creates and implements business optimization approaches to help your firm operate better in the competitive Greek market. After closely assessing your company's current position and performance, our team of strategy specialists will build a viable business plan that will propel your company forward in Greece.

Digital strategy

Digital innovations are transforming the world economy rapidly nowadays. The majority of modern firms are well aware now of the importance of digital infrastructure and having an online presence. However, many companies continue to introduce these changes gradually and without any supervision. To get an edge over competitors, capitalize on current trends and be prepared for the next breakthrough, it is best to implement a digital strategy. Formationwise can develop a strong digital strategy for your business in Greece that focuses on using the most recent technology to expand your operations, whether by developing new digital products or just streamlining your present ones.

Human Resources

Formationwise can take care of all your human resource requirements thanks to a team of HR consultants committed to offering customers great service whether in a consultative or HR administrative position. As part of initiatives involving temporary employment and HR outsourcing, Formationwise collaborates with a sizable number of specialists working for customers. Our ability to manage projects of various sizes using both our own resources and those of our Greek colleagues gives us the advantage of being able to provide customers with scalable solutions. Formationwise is dedicated to giving you the greatest and most effective human resource solutions for the problems you are running into while attempting to hire or retain exceptional personnel, and boost the output of your company in Greece. We fully understand how difficult it is to keep up with Greece's stringent HR regulations and regularly changing employment legislation.

eCommerce implementation

These days, it's almost hard to imagine a successful firm without an online presence. Online commerce is essential whether you manage a small, mid-sized or large business. However, for many company owners, putting in place an eCommerce ecosystem seems like a difficult task. That’s why Formationwise is here to help. We have a group of business advisors and eCommerce professionals on hand to assist with all of your online business requirements. Greece-based eCommerce expert Formationwise can help you avoid the headaches of creating, building and launching an online shop by offering top-notch implementation services.

Marketing strategy

Every company needs marketing to accomplish both its short and long-term growth objectives. We help you develop a unique model for your company in Greece. We have the knowledge and expertise to create an excellent marketing strategy and plan for your company in Greece, from product launches to rebranding or repositioning. You can develop and implement a strong marketing plan for your Greek company with the aid of our marketing strategy experts. We provide full marketing strategy services to Greek organizations thanks to our excellent industry knowledge and in-depth market research. Formationwise can help you create and carry out a marketing strategy that will enable you to effectively establish your business in Greece.

Risk assessment and management

Risk-related worries have spread throughout the globe. Enterprises of all shapes and sizes want strong financial risk management frameworks in the current business environment because they help them meet regulatory requirements, improve decision-making and boost performance. Financial risk management services are widely available via Formationwise. We aid in the identification, assessment, management, reporting and limitation of the risks faced by banks, insurance providers, and corporate and public customers. Our risk management specialists assist financial institutions and other business customers in a variety of ways to strengthen operations, governance and strategy. Any kind of company can benefit from the expertise of our experienced consultants in risk management, compliance and regulatory affairs to help them identify, analyze, control, report, and reduce their risks.

Legal advisory

We provide a broad variety of services in both legal advisory and dispute resolution concerns to companies and entrepreneurs in our selected areas of specialization, where we strive to excel and be regarded as industry leaders. We take pleasure in working as our customers' trusted advisers, building lasting connections and always acting in their best interests. We provide our customers with comprehensive market knowledge of the Greek market as well as practical legal guidance catered to their requirements. The pillars of our beliefs are personal and professional ethics. Any firm operating in Greece may rely on our legal assistance with matters such as capital market regulatory compliance, company formation and operation, business transactions, financing arrangements, and administrative responsibilities and connections with state and municipal authorities.

Compliance services

We are aware that adopting cutting-edge standards and practices is crucial for effective compliance since they build a strong compliance environment within your company. Our compliance solution specialists collaborate with your team to provide a personalized service that is thorough, useful and economical. In order to meet corporate compliance requirements and create your financial foundation in Greece, Formationwise can assist you in making smart choices. You may find cost-saving options and accomplish both your professional, and financial objectives in Greece with our assistance. For your Greek company, we continuously study Greek legislation and regulations to provide you with the most recent financial planning and tax compliance guidance.

Technology consulting

Today's technological world is advancing quickly. But this change is not without its difficulties. Organizations often have difficulties selecting and implementing the ideal technological solutions due to the range. As a top provider of technology advisory and consulting services in Greece, we assist our customers in identifying, selecting and implementing digital solutions that successfully address their key performance indicators and overall business requirements. In order to address your business difficulties and accelerate your business transformation at scale and on schedule, Formationwise has assembled a top-notch team of technology consultants. Our innovation consultants support the smooth adoption of solutions for quantifiable value, provide a roadmap for effective implementation, and assist in selecting the appropriate technological stack.

Financial management consulting

For the survival and growth of your business, controlling and managing your finances is crucial. In order to accomplish your company's objectives, planning, managing, and controlling your financial resources are necessary. Innovative financial management techniques may help your business prosper by guiding your decision-making, lowering expenses and regulating cash flow. By managing all aspects of your company's finances, Formationwise may increase profitability and strengthen your brand's reputation. Our skilled financial management experts can assist your business in making the most use of its resources, meeting its stakeholder obligations, expanding its market share, and setting it up for long-term financial stability.

Operations management consulting

It has never been easy to maximize performance and operational effectiveness. Complex activities like operating your day-to-day company in Greece and dealing with logistical limitations, unstable markets, shifting customer expectations, and digital operations have become considerably more difficult. In addition to helping you continuously enhance your daily operations, Formationwise offers the knowledge and tools necessary to assist you in boosting production, value and time efficiency for your Greek firm. Our operations management specialists have a wealth of expertise in helping customers launch and run successful Greek enterprises. We'll use what we know to make your Greek company's operations more profitable and effective.

Environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability

Greek businesses are expected to increase public knowledge of climate change and decrease its negative effects on the environment and society in order to satisfy investors, consumers, and the local community. Despite the fact that many Greek businesses are aware of the need to act, they often have trouble coming up with fresh concepts. Greek businesses may benefit from Formationwise's wide range of global talents and knowledge to help them achieve their objectives, and demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility. You may benefit your Greek business, society and the environment by using our worldwide environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions and promoting sustainability. With our own ESG Framework, we can help your firm in Greece accomplish its ESG objectives.

Why choose Formationwise for advisory and consultation services in Greece?

Through its extensive network of accredited partners in Greece, Formationwise provides top-notch corporate consultancy and business advisory services. For your Greek advisory and business consulting requirements, consider working with Formationwise for the following reasons:

Wide array of solutions

We provide a diverse spectrum of services including tax advisory, corporate advisory, debt advisory, business consulting and more, to help you manage your company operations in Greece effectively and without stress.

Highly skilled

With years of experience, our team has helped Greek startups and organizations of all sizes with digital consulting, technical advisory, compliance advisory, and other services.

Free initial consultation 

To assess and develop the best advisory, and consultation services for your company or business in Greece, we provide a free preliminary consultation.

Full confidentiality

Your business data and personal information are fully protected when you use Formationwise to provide the best advice and consulting for your Greece-based business.

Reliable and productive

To help you increase sales and grow your company, we provide the best advice on how to handle your business operations in Greece.


Our team of financial specialists offers the best advisory and consultancy services in Greece at the most affordable price on the market. The greatest aspect is that we never sacrifice quality.

Price transparency

Here at Formationwise, ethics and honesty come first. When you pick our advisory and consultancy services in Greece, there won’t ever be any unintentional charges or fees.

What are the specifics of advisory in Greece?

Corporate law advisory

Our skilled Greek legal professionals are prepared to provide a variety of services in the area of corporate law, from first professional help during incorporation to thorough execution of all business transactions and adjustments throughout your company's history.

Governing intellectual property

In order to effectively manage the complicated subject of intellectual property law, which has both national and international consequences, one must have a thorough awareness of all relevant laws and processes.

Financial and banking advice

The high legal risks associated with the banking and financial sector make it difficult to keep up with its problems everywhere in the globe, not just in Greece. If you are involved in bankruptcy litigation, our skilled attorneys are equipped to assist you in a variety of topics, reduce any possible dangers, and provide the best options for your particular situation - totally in accordance with Greek legal standards.

Bankruptcy, restructuring and insolvency assistance

Pre-insolvency negotiations will provide you with all the necessary professional assistance while our knowledgeable team of Greek legal advisors will walk you through the entire insolvency litigation process and represent you in administrative, civil, and insolvency courts, including out-of-court negotiations. We are prepared to research and develop bankruptcy restructuring solutions, taking into account your unique circumstances and considering all viable options.

GDPR legal assistance and advice

It is crucial to choose the proper professional partner because of the severe penalties and the little amount of time that firms have, to make sure that all legal and technical requirements are met.

Tax and administrative law

We provide client representation, assert client claims in administrative and tax proceedings in Greece, review contracts from a tax and administrative law perspective, prepare legal opinions, and represent clients in court proceedings to examine the legality of decisions made by Greek administrative bodies.

How will my Greek business benefit from consultation services?

Save significant time

A successful company involves a lot of time, skill and most importantly, hard work. By employing a business consultant, you may lessen your workload and free up time to focus on other crucial matters.

Provide an outsider's viewpoint

In business, it might be challenging to select the optimal choice. The ability of a business consultant to approach a problem with new eyes and see things objectively is an advantage that is sometimes undervalued and neglected.

Fill up the skills gaps

Each businessperson has assets and liabilities. Hiring a specialist to fill in knowledge gaps might be a fantastic option if there is a specific area of the company in which you believe you might require assistance.

Cost saving

Many companies decide to hire a business finance consultant to assist them to find inefficiencies in their operations or simplify their procedures. Better company procedures and more financial savings emerge from this.

Reach your goals

Each company owner has objectives they'd want to accomplish. A business consultant is qualified to assist organizations in achieving their stated goals in the short and long terms, whether it be securing funding for company acquisition, launching a new product or attaining certain KPIs for the quarter.

Provide expertise

A business consultant's responsibilities include being abreast of market trends, having a variety of expertise and knowledge in many business sectors, and having the ability to strategize and think creatively. Their responsibility is to have the knowledge necessary to assist and advise company owners in making the best choices for their enterprise.

Advisory or Consultation - what are the differences?

Despite their resemblance, consultants and advisors typically take on different responsibilities and approach corporate assistance in different ways. Both kinds of experts are responsible for guiding firms, even though their goals and types of activity may vary. The difference between advisors and consultants must be understood in order to choose the best candidate for the position.

The basics

What is an advisory service?

The action of giving professionals or corporations advice to help them in making choices is referred to as advising or advisory. An advisor’s job is to analyze a company’s internal operations, ascertain how they relate to its overarching goals, and provide suggestions for improving them.

What is a consulting service?

Giving guidance and subject-matter knowledge to a business or group of people is referred to as consulting. A consultant will often get a specific issue from a client and will then attempt to resolve it.

How are they different from one another?

Although consulting and advisory are similar they are different occupations. There is a big distinction between advising and consulting in how much time the consultant spends with the customer. While advisers often interact with their clients for a longer amount of time than consultants do, consultants typically engage with their clients for short periods of time.

A consultant often works with customers over time, assisting them with ongoing business difficulties, as opposed to consulting, which is typically done on a project basis.

Although advisers and consultants may serve both internal and external clients, there are several differences between their work cultures. In order to build plans and continuously assess the firm, advisors often collaborate with business leaders.

Contrarily, consultants often work alone, however, they may also be employed by consulting firms. In order to address problems, consultants work with companies often for short periods of time. Consultants may choose to work with a company on a one-time job rather than maintaining a relationship with consumers.

Benefits of a good business strategy

For a company to succeed, you need a solid business plan that has been specially created for you to help you achieve your goals. Regardless of the size of your company, you need a tailored plan to assist you in determining the course of your business and maintaining focus on it. Your current resources will not be fully used without a solid business plan that has been specifically created for your company, which will have a negative impact on productivity and performance. The following are a few benefits of having a tailored company strategy:

Helps you in setting goals

You need a distinct vision when starting a firm to keep you motivated. A solid, meticulously created business plan enables you to consider and choose the direction you wish to take your company in the long term. A strong business strategy that will be very beneficial to your firm in the next years may be developed with the aid of an excellent business plan.

Helps in assessing your shortcomings and strengths

Understanding your goals will help you see the advantages and disadvantages of your business. The majority of organizations, however, focus on their advantages rather than the need of improving their weaknesses. Making a customized business plan will help you identify your weaknesses so you can work on fixing them and expanding your firm.

Helps you in attaining the necessary knowledge and skills

You can better understand the skills and knowledge needed to achieve your goals by being aware of your goals and what you want to achieve. Making the right choices for your business requires a customized approach. Possessing the required talents might advance your business.

How to start the advisory and consultation process in Greece?

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Appointment of a personal advisor or consultant for your Greek business

Formationwise will designate a personal advisor or consultant to effectively handle all your business concerns in Greece

Submit the details

We will send you a list of the information required depending on the advisory and consulting service that you have chosen for your company in Greece

Make the payment

Once you pay the fees for our advisory and consulting services, our team will start analyzing your Greek business to start the work

Start the work

After identifying your business concerns, our advisors and consultants will get started to offer you the top advice you need to sustain and thrive in the Greek market

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Consulting services are often used by a variety of enterprises. It is an easy and quick approach to getting the necessary knowledge. Business consultants work closely with owners and executives to identify problems, highlight growth opportunities, provide guidance, and offer workable solutions. An experienced consultant can significantly benefit your organization and assist you in overcoming obstacles. Consultants create a solid business plan for your company’s expansion, boost customer happiness, better promote your digital product, and contribute to internal and external business process changes. Any size organization can improve its processes, and scale and boost the productivity and efficiency of its projects with the support of the appropriate expert and the proper business teams.

The act of conducting due diligence is crucial when purchasing a company. To make sure your purchase is a success, a comprehensive analysis of the target’s business potential, finances, and legal difficulties is essential. The procedure enables you to establish a seamless transition and check your comprehension of the target’s value. Additionally, it can reveal crucial details that alter your opinion of the offer and possibly prompt you to withdraw. The buyer may ensure that the purchase is a solid idea by doing due diligence, which gives them a far more thorough knowledge of the company. To help the buyer understand how the firm operates, the seller gives thorough commercial, financial, legal, and other information.

To help a business manage its finances and resources effectively and reach its full potential, business advising services are a must. This service may be beneficial to both new and existing enterprises, helping them reach their maximum potential. In order to help entrepreneurs realize their full potential, advisory companies assist clients in a range of areas including business planning, market research, identifying the best business opportunities, and effective financial management. Businesses may get specific service offerings and resources from the business advisory service to help them with business lifecycle solutions.

An effective business plan consultant has knowledge about and expertise with a variety of enterprises. A good business plan consultant has experience in a variety of businesses and sectors in addition to having extremely particular expertise in managing businesses, raising capital for businesses, and most significantly, promoting and selling businesses. A trustworthy business plan provider will work closely with you to create a business strategy. The business plan expert uses a variety of perspectives to create a business plan tailored to your firm.

Legal advisory services aid companies with legal challenges relating to their client activities, industry presence, size and location. A group of attorneys with the necessary expertise in handling problems related to legal compliance and due diligence will represent you effectively and legally throughout mergers and other legal situations. Companies are subject to severe compliance requirements and new business issues because of the complicated business environment and continuously evolving business standards. The legal requirements and business standards are well-understood by Formationwise. In the present business environment, our legal advising services assist our customers in staying competitive and compliant. In the areas of law, tax, and accounting, we provide legal advising services. Our professionals will handle every area of your company and successfully fix it.

Your business needs a strategy, plan and roadmap if it is investing in green projects and striving to be more sustainable. Setting up a clear firm purpose and vision, developing the correct culture, and motivating staff are the first steps in building a sustainable organization. If you want to be sustainable, you may recycle, use less energy or transport your goods in environmentally friendly packaging. These are excellent methods to make a difference right away, but running a sustainable business also means putting sustainable principles into practice in other areas of your company, such as ensuring safety standards are upheld, establishing sound financial governance, and encouraging diversity.

A startup’s business operation must include risk assessment. Managing startup risks is a crucial part of expanding your business. Your startup’s success depends on your ability to recognize these risks and develop a strategy to deal with them if they materialize. Risk assessment is not about producing a ton of paperwork; rather, it is about coming up with practical ways to manage the risks in your business. You may decide what you need to keep operations operating smoothly by evaluating the dangers to your company. Your workers and your company are in danger of loss if you don’t do a risk assessment for your job operations. Numerous consequences might result from this, such as high direct costs, penalties, cancellation of insurance, or even serious criminal accusations.

To arrange your free first consultation on your new or current company in Greece, please get in touch with one of our advisers or business consultants at Formationwise through our website, email or by phone. Our corporate representative will walk you through the procedure and put you in touch with a knowledgeable and experienced business consultant who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. During this free first session, you may express to our advisers any worries you have about your Greek company.

A highly educated and competent workforce, a reviving economy and several advantages for foreign investors await international businesses growing in Greece. Due to its location as a gateway to more than 140 million customers in the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Europe, Greece provides access to dynamic and important regional markets. Greece’s advantageous geographic location may be particularly helpful for gaining access to other international markets, such as commerce with several European, Asian, and African nations. Greece has very cheap living expenses compared to other European or North American nations, thus even if the average income is smaller, you may still live a better life on a reduced budget. Greece has a duty-free import policy for products made in the UK.

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