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Looking to expand your business in Europe?

Do you want to establish your own company in Romania to take advantage of low labor costs and low taxation? If you’re not sure where to start or how to proceed, call Formationwise today for the best offshore company formation services in Romania.

Who are we?

We are a professional firm that offers quick, affordable and effective offshore company formation services to foreign businesses looking to set up their company remotely, without having to come to Romania, and we generally complete the company registration process in a matter of days.

Why Romania?

Romania offers the perfect environment for foreign investors to register a business due to the relatively low costs of establishing a Romanian company, highly skilled workforce, and a very good tax environment in comparison to other European countries, as well as the ease of the incorporation process.

Where to begin?

Incorporating an offshore company in Romania can help both new and established business owners in minimizing their taxes and establish the right management structure for success. Irrespective of the size or type of your company, Formationwise has got your back. Our innovative Romanian company formation services will save you from the time-consuming, difficult, and exhausting registration process.

What do we do?

The professionals at Formationwise will help you with all of the essential details, discuss your business strategy and together with the experienced attorneys of our Bucharest partners, recommend the most suitable type of company for your business taking care of all of the necessary formalities.

Need more help?

We will also help you with preparing the company documentation, obtaining a Tax ID, and representing you before the Romanian company registration department. Our Romanian company formation experts will also help you in opening a Romanian bank account with the bank of your choice.

Let's begin!

Our team will make the whole company formation process as fast and simple as possible so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the formation of your new business in Romania.

Send us an inquiry today!

Our team is here to help you every step of the way

Placing an order is easy

  • 1

    Select your desired package

    Simply pick the right offshore company formation package for your needs by filling out our form, by call or by placing an order on our website

  • 2

    Make a payment

    After finalizing the correct package that suits your goals, make the payment for your selected services and send us your documents

  • 3

    Send your documents

    Forward us all the necessary documents through an email with documents attached or by phone

  • 4

    Company formation

    Once we receive the payment and the required documents, we will start the company incorporation process in Romania

  • 5

    Open a bank account

    We will help you open a corporate or personal account with a reputable Romanian bank

Types of Companies

Our team at Formationwise can provide an extensive presentation on the types of companies that can be formed in Romania. Once you make your choice, we will register your company in the relevant department and apply for a tax ID, including VAT.

There are two types of companies that can be incorporated according to Romanian law:

The Romanian limited liability company – “Societate cu Raspundere Limitata” (SRL)

The limited liability company is the most popular kind of company in Romania. You can register your Romanian company from any part of the world and the taxes you pay are just 1% of your income, if you have one full-time employee (who can also be yourself), or 3% if you don’t have any personnel. Also, there is a 5% tax on dividends and a 600 EUR fixed tax for health insurance, if the dividends are higher than 6,000 euros within a year and you are also a Romanian resident. A Romanian LLC cannot have more than 50 members. It can have a single or many directors, who may have full or restricted powers. They can be Romanian or foreign citizens. We can help you with the formalities for company formation in Romania.

The Romanian joint stock company – “Societate pe Actiuni”

It denotes a kind of company that can be registered by individuals who want to list their firm on the local stock market. In Romania, the joint stock company is the legal entity with the most complicated structure. It is often established with the goal of entering significant investment projects and is specifically intended for the demands of huge corporations. Our Romanian specialists can provide further information on the many sorts of management systems that this type of company can have.

Minimum share capital for a Romanian company

A Romanian limited liability company needs a minimum share capital of RON 200 which has to be divided into shares that have a value of at least RON 10 and can be incorporated by a minimum of one shareholder.

The formation of a joint stock company requires at least two founders, who have the legal status of a stockholder and it needs a minimum share capital of RON 90,000.

Time frame for the incorporation

A Romanian limited liability company can usually be registered in approximately 2 weeks, once all the documents have been collected. It takes around 3 working days from the day the documents are submitted to the Trade Register Office.

Do you provide a registered office address or a virtual office?


Is bookkeeping or an annual return required?


Foreign ownership allowed?


Our Services

Formationwise offers a full range of services to international/foreign entrepreneurs, businesses and large corporations that desire to form a company in Romania. Here are some of the services that we offer our foreign clients to run or register their companies in Romania:

Why form a company in Romania?

Low taxes

Romania has one of the lowest corporate tax tariffs in Europe with a standard corporate tax rate of 16%. However, companies with a turnover of 100,000 EUR or less and fewer than ten employees have a corporate tax rate of 3%

Affordable skilled workforce

Romania offers a highly skilled workforce at very reasonable rates (the third lowest minimum wage in the EU). A company incorporated here can benefit from low-cost business operations.

Member of the EU

Being a proud member of the EU, any company incorporated here can freely trade with any of the EU countries without facing any barriers.

Attractive location

The strategic location of Romania is beneficial for transportation and trade. It provides a convenient gateway to the Middle East and other European Union markets

Easy to do business

Romania ranks 36 out of 190 countries in the World Bank’s Doing Business index, a position achieved thanks to reforms made by the Romanian government to encourage and attract investments in the region.

Living standards

Romania offers a good quality of life for expats, particularly in contrast to surrounding EU countries

Why choose Formationwise to set up your offshore company in Romania?

Formationwise provides professional company incorporation services in Romania. Here are some of the reasons why you should collaborate with Formationwise for offshore company formation in Romania:

Complete set of services 

We offer a complete range of services, from payment processing and trademark registration to offshore taxation, document retrieval, and more, so you can run your business operations stress-free in Romania

Years of experience

Our team is highly experienced in assisting new businesses and corporations of all sizes in Romania with offshore company formation, offshore taxation, accounting and many more

Free initial consultation

We provide free initial consultation on strategies or the provision of services for evaluating and establishing a legal entity on any corporate matter in Romania

Fully secure

When you work with Formationwise to incorporate a Romanian company, you can be certain that your documents, data and personal details are completely secure

Quick and reliable

We will get your company up and running in accordance with Romanian law in the shortest time possible

Cost of company formation in Romania

Here are some of the costs you need to consider before registering an S.R.L in Romania:

Registration fee

A fee of approximately 30 RON is required to publish the company resolution

Virtual office cost

Approximately prices ranging from 245 RON per month to 409 RON per month

Share Capital

200 RON for establishing an S.R.L in Romania

Accounting cost

From 150 RON per month for varied accounting service

Bank account opening fee

20 to 100 RON

*Subject to change; the fees are bank-specific

Company formation fee

A fee of approximately 30 to 250 RON is required to form the company, however for further information, please contact our experts

Documents required to incorporate a company in Romania

Most of the registered Romanian corporations, regardless of their owner’s nationality are limited liability companies S.R.L (Societate cu Raspundere Limitata). The following documents and details are required in order to establish a Romanian S.R.L Company:

What is a Romanian micro-company?

Micro-company in Romania is the most beneficial type of company from a financial point of view, with its tax bracket of 3%, but it must comply with certain conditions and meet certain criteria. This type of company is formed as a Limited Liability Company (“S.R.L.”), and so, from a legal point of view, it differs from other Romanian SRL companies only in terms of taxes. For companies qualified as microenterprises under Romanian Law, a different tax rate is applied other than the normal tax regime of tax on the profit of a Romanian company.

What constitutes a company as a microenterprise for taxation purposes?

A company is deemed as a microenterprise for tax reasons if at the end of year of the preceding fiscal year its income (without VAT) was less than one million (1,000,000) Euro. The applicable exchange rate is the one in effect at the end of the relevant fiscal year. The firm’s social capital should be retained privately, and no dissolution process should be lodged with the Trade Registry or the Court relating to the company.

Tax on microenterprise

The tax obligation on microenterprises is defined as a proportion of their gross revenue. For microenterprises this percentage is:

The company to benefit from the lower rate must have at least one full-time employee by the end of the period. However, the reduced rate will apply if the company has two or more part-time employees and their total working hours add up to at least one full-time employee.

If the company does not fulfill the legislative parameters to be taxed as a micro-enterprise, it must notify the fiscal authorities and pay the standard profit tax rate of sixteen percent (16%).

How do I start the company formation process?

Choose the name and type of your company

Simply select the company name and the type of company you want to incorporate in Romania by filling out our form or call one of our team members for any help

Appoint a representative agent for your company in Romania

Hire Formationwise as your representative agent to represent your company in Romania

Deposit the minimum share capital

Pay the minimum share capital of RON 200 in a local Romanian bank to incorporate a limited liability company to start the offshore company formation process

Submit the documents

We will prepare and submit the necessary documents for your company to the relevant company registration department in Romania

Applying for a business license

Our team will verify and apply for a business license for your Romanian company on your behalf

Tax registration

Once everything is finalized, we will apply for tax registration and a tax identification number for your S.R.L in Romania

Get in touch with Formationwise today!

For more information about company formation in Romania do not hesitate to contact our corporate firm at any time for the best advice and services related to all aspects of offshore company formation in Romania.

The best part – our initial consultation is totally free!

Our company formation partners in Romania have vast experience in supporting foreign companies expand their businesses in Romania.

Choose your preferred package

For your convenience we have curated three different packages 

small business
Romania basic package
1500 $
  • Swift company registration
  • Accounting & Auditing Services
  • Bank account opening
Most Popular
Romania Excludisve package
  • Swift company registration
  • Accounting & Auditing Services
  • Bank account opening
  • Trademark registration
  • Website creation
Most Popular
Romania Premium package
  • Swift company registration
  • Accounting & Auditing Services
  • Bank account opening
  • Trademark registration

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With the lowest taxation for “micro-companies” in Europe, Romania is a great location to set up your headquarters due to its easy rules and 100% respect for the law. The registration of a company in Romania is the right choice for those wishing to enter a dynamic market and benefit from its unique taxation (1 – 3% on income, for revenues up to 1 million Euros), its vibrant economy and its strong potential for further growth. One of the strongest economies of SE Europe, flexible procedures and affordable company maintenance are only some of the benefits you will get when you register your company in Romania.

When naming a Romanian company, you must make sure that the name ends with ‘S.R.L’ which has the same status as a Limited Liability Company. All business names in Romania must be authorized and reserved with the registration office. There are a few banned terms in Romania, including geographical places, and using the word ‘Romania’ requires specific permission. Your company name can be obtained following a request to verify the availability of the name and its reservation.

The normal corporate tax rate for Romanian companies, foreign businesses working through a permanent establishment (PE), and overseas businesses that are tax resident in Romania due to a place of active management is 16%. Micro-businesses must pay a revenue tax rate in addition to the standard corporate tax rate.

A company must have a maximum income of EUR 1 million at the end of the preceding year to be counted as a micro-company.
The following are the tax rates for a micro company:

  • 1% for small companies with one or more workers
  • 3% for small businesses with no employees

The dividend tax rate in Romania, applicable to the gross dividend paid or distributed is 5%. The shareholder is entitled to receive dividends paid after the tax is calculated and withheld in order to be paid to the tax authority. Usually, the dividends are paid yearly, after the financial statements for the previous year are prepared. They can also be paid on a quarterly basis, during the financial year. The dividend tax is utilized in accordance with the main rule, which states that when a Romanian company offers or pays dividends paid to a Romanian business entity, the company is required to withhold, declare, and pay the dividends withheld tax to the state budget until the 25th of the month following the month.

Directors may be either legal entities or individuals and managers must be individuals in the case of a Joint stock company (JSC). The directors of a limited liability company (S.R.L.) can be either legal bodies or individuals. An LLC company can be established by one participant who is a natural person or legal entity.

An LLC can have as little as one shareholder but the maximum number of shareholders cannot go past fifty. The Managers or Directors who violate their obligations are accountable for the consequent damages caused to the firm.

No, you don’t require the presence of a company secretary when you form a company in Romania. The appointment or termination of a company secretary is typically controlled by the articles of association of the company and is generally the obligation of the directors. Romanian limited liability companies are not required to have a company secretary. 

You certainly can register an offshore company in Romania without visiting the country. Simply complete our online application form and leave the rest to Formationwise. We will help you through the whole process of registering a company remotely and will prepare, and obtain the documentation required for you to form a company in Romania. You can sit back and relax, and let us handle the company formation process in Romania.

Yes, you need a local registered address to incorporate an offshore company in Romania. Company formation with a registered office is necessary when you want to form a new entity in Romania. A local registered office address is necessary where the authorities can send official documents, demands for tax control and process services. All relevant corporate records must be kept at the registered office. Post office addresses are not acceptable and are prohibited. Proof of the registered address is mandatory at the time of signing the rental agreement. The contract must contain a copy of the landlord’s property title.

The National Trade Register Office in Romania is a legal entity that reports to the Ministry of Justice. Legal publicity, legal standing and financial information of all businesses, monetary and statistical data, business details, simplification of strategies for company registration and approval for operation, information, and assistance are among the functions of the National Trade Register Office.

The Trade Register Office has control of the National trade register office, which is linked to courthouses on a municipal level. Regional offices are required to notify any registration or other change relating to this activity within 15 days of the date of the change.

Registration is required for all legal companies and our Romanian legal experts can help you regardless of the sort of business you are registering.

Entrepreneurs must open up a bank account in Romania as part of the company formation process. Foreign investors may choose to open up a personal bank account, subject to a few conditions. Opening up of a bank account in Romania is not a challenging task, though, global investors may require support when filling out the form and submitting the Romanian-version of the company formation documents.

All of the major banks in Romania provide internet banking services, which are designed to provide optimal resources in order to ensure safe payments and monitoring. Individuals must bring a copy of their passport to the bank to open a bank account in Romania.

We will send you a complete list of the required documents, which can include bank statements from old accounts, proof of residency, and other identifying paperwork.

Your presence is not required to set up your company in Romania. Furthermore, the shareholder’s physical presence is not compulsory at any time. However, the administrator or general manager should remain in contact with the authorities on a regular basis.

It is also a good idea to choose a local natural person to represent the administrator’s goals. A comprehensive set of powers of attorney is applied, allowing the Formationwise team to act on behalf of the founders of the Romanian company at authorities and numerous institutions, such as the Trade Register.

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