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If you are looking for a professional advisory and consulting service that provides the best strategy advisory, business consulting, strategy consulting, marketing consulting, technology consulting, eCommerce consulting, and risk advisory services in Romania, you have come to the right place!

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Picking the right financial advisory consultant can help you in understanding and complying with the specific business requirements in Romania. FormationWise starts by knowing your requirements and then offers you personalized solutions that are applied to the precise business activity area you want. We will assist you in assembling the ideal team to provide the essential skills for your business.

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Our skilled tax advisory and business consulting team will provide the best advice for your existing or new company in Romania. We can promise our customers a highly professional service that is always adapted to the individual needs of our clients, regardless of the size of their company.

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At FormationWise, we have the proper people, skills, industry expertise and insight to assist customers in making the right choices to grow their companies and be successful in Romania’s competitive market. We provide cost-effective, high-quality service and are devoted to providing competent advice to our customers.

What we do

Our trained team of risk advisory, tax advisory and compliance advisory specialists is completely focused on engaging with Romanian businesses to execute their plans and provide actual, quantifiable outcomes. We will give free startup consulting as well as other necessary assistance in selecting the top business consulting and advisory service for your company in Romania.

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Whether you need to form a new company or you need strategy consulting, marketing consulting, technology consulting, sustainability consulting or eCommerce consulting for your Romanian business, FormationWise can help.

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Our Advisory & Consultation Services in Romania

Building and optimizing your business strategy

To drive growth, promote operations at a minimum cost and sustain competition with other businesses offering similar products or services, every firm or business in Romania, whether new or old, must optimize its business strategy. FormationWise creates and implements business optimization solutions to help your firm work more effectively in the aggressive Romanian market. Our team of financial advisory consultants will carefully assess your company's current position and performance before creating a winning business plan that will advance your operations in Romania. Using our years of knowledge, we'll help you through the whole procedure and ensure you obtain the best outcomes for your company in Romania.

Digital strategy

In today's market, digital infrastructure and a web presence are not optional, and most companies know it. However, many businesses still adopt these shifts slowly over time and without any expert advice. Adopting a digital strategy is the best course of action to keep up with the competition, capitalizing on the latest industry trends and preparing for future technologies. If you want to scale your business in Romania, whether by developing new digital products or the digitization of existing business processes, let FormationWise craft a comprehensive digital plan for you. Our unique digital solutions enable us to help our clients in Romania in many ways, including opening their eyes to new opportunities, offering an ultimate experience and smoothly running their business operations in Romania. 

Human resources

Many human resource management difficulties are brought about by Romania's competitive and constantly evolving corporate environment and must be effectively handled and managed. FormationWise is committed to providing the best and most efficient human resource solutions to the issues you are encountering while trying to recruit or retain talented employees, and increase the productivity of your business in Romania. We are well aware of how challenging it is to stay on top of Romania's demanding HR requirements and frequently changing employment laws. You can boost profitability while also lowering your HR team-related costs by outsourcing your Romanian company's HR activities to FormationWise. Our human resources team will work with you to develop unique hiring strategies so you can effectively conduct your business functions in Romania.

eCommerce implementation

Romania's eCommerce market has expanded significantly over the last few years. If you want to sustain a competitive position in the Romanian market, your business must establish an eCommerce strategy that takes into consideration the needs of your clients. Many business owners may think it would be tough to adopt an eCommerce solution if they run a small or mid-sized business. FormationWise offers top-notch eCommerce implementation services to save you the headache of planning, creating and implementing an online shop in Romania. We have a team of eCommerce consulting experts available to help you with all of your online business objectives in Romania.

Marketing strategy

Every company needs marketing to accomplish both its short- and long-term growth objectives. From product launches to rebranding or repositioning, we have the knowledge and expertise to create an excellent marketing strategy and plan for your company in Romania. With the help of our marketing strategy experts, you can develop and implement a strong marketing plan for your Romanian business. We provide complete marketing strategy services to businesses operating in Romania, thanks to our great industry knowledge and in-depth market research. FormationWise can help you create and carry out a marketing strategy that will enable you to effectively run your business operations in Romania.

Risk assessment and management

You can prepare yourself to handle even the most difficult situations by employing a range of risk assessment and management tactics to cope with the unforeseen. In order to create a thorough risk management strategy for your Romanian company, FormationWise has the competence to conduct an efficient risk management assessment. The risk exposures that your Romanian firm could experience while operating in Romania will be identified, analyzed and reported by our expert risk advisory team. Our risk assessment and management strategy can substantially help to minimize any bad effects on your Romanian consumers, productivity and income.

Legal advisory

Corporate and individual investors seeking to establish a local presence, set up a new firm or address any legal difficulties pertaining to doing business in Romania may benefit from the wide variety of expert services our legal consulting team offers. Regardless of the type, size or industry of business, we assist clients from a wide variety of business disciplines including start-ups and experienced businessmen, and provide the finest legal advice to support them. Our Romanian legal professionals provide personalized legal solutions for your Romanian company's unique requirements. We strive to discover the finest solutions, ones that will assist you in resolving legal issues as quickly as possible so that you may continue with your business as usual.

Compliance services

We are fully aware of the fact that adopting cutting-edge standards and practices is crucial for effective compliance since it builds a strong regulatory environment within your business. Our compliance solution specialists join forces with your team to provide a personalized service that is thorough, useful and economical for your Romanian business. FormationWise can help you in reaching your business compliance goals while developing your financial foundation in Romania. With our assistance, you can identify cost-saving possibilities and accomplish both your professional and financial objectives for your company in Romania. We closely follow Romanian legislation and regulations to provide you with the most current financial planning and tax compliance assistance for your Romanian company.

Technology consulting

An expert technology consultant can boost the value of your business in the rapidly evolving Romanian market by providing not only pertinent insights but also a combination of strategic vision, tested abilities and real-world experience. At FormationWise, our technology consulting experts provide solutions that are personalized to the needs of your business and sector. Whether you want to update, improve or simplify your Romanian business our technology consulting solutions can help. We provide a range of services including systems integration, implementation, risk management, and design and development. We often collaborate with company managers to solve issues and determine how technology might benefit their operations in Romania.

Financial management consulting

Controlling and managing your finances is critical for your company to survive and thrive in the Romanian market. To reach your company's goals in Romania, you must plan, manage and control your financial resources. Our professional financial management solutions can help your company flourish by assisting you in making informed choices, decreasing costs and managing cash flow. By handling all aspects of your company's finances in Romania, FormationWise can boost profitability and improve your company's image. Our expert financial management specialists can advise your Romanian business on how to best utilize its resources, meet stakeholder needs, increase market share and put it up for long-term financial stability.

Operations management consulting

Maximizing performance and operational effectiveness have never been simple. Complex tasks such as logistical constraints, market instability, changes in consumer expectations, digital operations and managing your day-to-day business in Romania have become much more challenging. FormationWise provides the information and resources essential to help you enhance production, value and time efficiency for your Romanian company, in addition to supporting you in continually improving your everyday operations. Our operations management professionals have extensive experience assisting clients in establishing and operating successful Romanian businesses. We will use our knowledge to improve the efficiency and profitability of your Romanian company operations.

Environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability

Romanian businesses are expected to boost public awareness of climate change and decrease its negative effects on the ecology, and society in order to satisfy investors, consumers, and the general public. Numerous Romanian businesses are aware that they need to act, but they often find it difficult to develop creative ideas. FormationWise provides a wide range of international knowledge and skills for your business in Romania, to achieve its objectives and be clear about its social duty. Using our worldwide environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions to promote sustainability, you can benefit your Bulgarian business, community and the environment. We can help your business in Bulgaria accomplish its ESG objectives with our innovative ESG Framework.

Why choose Formationwise for advisory and consultation services in Romania?

FormationWise provides top-notch corporate advisory and business advisory services through a large network of expert partners in Romania. Here is why you should pick Formationwise for your Romanian advisory and business consulting requirements:

Full range of services

We provide a variety of services including technology consulting, financial consulting, eCommerce consulting, strategy consulting, and more, to help you manage your company operations in Romania smoothly and without stress.

Highly experienced

With years of experience, our team has helped Romanian businesses of all sizes and new ventures with risk advisory, tax advisory, compliance advisory services, and many more

Free initial consultation

We provide a free preliminary consultation to assess your company’s needs to develop the finest advisory and consulting services for your business in Romania

Fully confidential

You can be sure that your company data and personal information are entirely protected when you hire FormationWise for the finest advisory and consulting services for your Romanian business

Effective and reliable

We provide the best guidance on how to handle your business operations in order to increase sales and progress your business in Romania


Our team of financial advisory consultants offer the best advisory and consulting services in Romania at the best price in the market. The best part is that we never compromise on quality

Transparent pricing

Ethics and honesty come first at FormationWise. You’ll never have to worry about paying any unexpected fees or hidden costs when you pick our advisory and consulting services

What are the specifics of advisory in Romania?

Audit advisory

Many businesses need financial assessments and auditing services due to legal requirements or to report financial information to regulators, banks or investors. At FormationWise, we can help small to midsize Romanian businesses obtain statutory audits, tax audits, compliance audits, and internal audit services for their accounts and financial statements. We can provide corporate audit advice services thanks to our excellent technical abilities in compliance with the applicable norms of each country we operate in.

At FormationWise, we’ve always believed that it’s our duty as auditors to help you overcome the challenges presented by the dynamic business environment by offering helpful assistance and guidance. All of our audit work is completed in accordance with accepted auditing standards and recognized auditing procedures.

audit advisory

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Nowadays, personal information is managed practically everywhere. Businesses process employee data, merchants process consumer data, healthcare organizations process patient data, and so on. Whether new software is being implemented, new service providers are being hired or new marketing campaigns are being undertaken. Romanian businesses should constantly be aware of the regulations governing the protection of personal data, notably the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

FormationWise is an industry leader in the domain of protecting personal data. We make sure that your company complies with the GDPR rules of your Romanian jurisdiction.

Public procurements

In all facets of public procurements, contracts, agreements and issues, FormationWise provides guidance and creates paperwork for your company in Romania. Our professionals are capable of creating and submitting documents for involvement in the appropriate processes, performing contract analysis, offering advice during contract conclusion, and providing legal assistance during the procedure’s conclusion. We assist applicants in completing and submitting the paperwork required for participation as well as contracting authorities in putting together the documentation for public procurement.

Public Procurement

What are the essentials needed for a successful business?

Forming a company and starting a new venture is a difficult yet rewarding career path regardless of the industry. While various kinds of businesses may define success differently, there are a few crucial factors to examine and execute in your company for maximum development. Here are some key points to consider, to take your business toward success:

Focus on your customers

Small businesses need to be customer-focused to succeed in the ever-changing market, which means they should fully understand the needs and wants of their current customers. Satisfied customers can help drive profits through repeat business and referrals. Taking a customer-focused approach that targets the right audience can help small businesses be more successful.

Effective marketing

A robust marketing strategy is one of the most crucial parts of operating a successful business. You may succeed or fail based on your marketing plan since it can determine how visible you are to your target audience and whether your business's message is conveyed clearly. Online and digital marketing is particularly important as more people shop online. This type of marketing can help to increase visibility if you're focused on social media channels where your target customers spend most of their time.

Have a social media presence

Making a positive first impression on prospective customers by maintaining active social media accounts and a responsive website is important for any modern business. Conducting an audit of your social media accounts and website can ensure you're providing the best experience possible for your customers. A better client experience may be achieved by upgrading technology and keeping your website updated, which may result in more sales.

Why is consulting important for my business in Romania?

Even the most prosperous companies have obstacles and need outside assistance to overcome them. Engaging a business consultant might be helpful if you want to launch a profitable and growth-oriented company endeavor in Romania. This is when business consulting can be highly beneficial to your business.

Here are a few points that showcase the importance of business consulting for your business in Romania:

Achieve your goals

Every Romanian business owner has goals they would like to achieve. Be it obtaining business financing, introducing a new product or expanding your business in a new market, a business consulting firm can support your Romanian business in achieving its defined objectives in both the short or long term.

Save money

Many Romanian companies choose to take on a business consulting service in order to streamline their processes or identify inefficiencies in the way their business is running. This results in better business practices and bigger financial savings.

Save time

Running a lucrative business in Romania demands a lot of effort and time. Appointing a business consultant can help to lighten your burden and free up your time to deal with more important concerns.

Make the right decisions

A professional business consulting expert can help you take the best decisions for your new or established business in Romania. Whether it's advice on investing or how to expand or grow your business effectively in Romania, a business consultant can help

Benefits of a custom business strategy

A good business strategy that has been individually tailored to assist you in meeting your objectives is required for a firm to prosper. Irrespective of the size of your business, you need a customized strategy that helps you establish the path of your firm and continue to focus on it. Without a strong business strategy that has been uniquely designed for your business, your existing resources will be underutilized, resulting in poor productivity and performance. Here are a few advantages of having a personalized business strategy:

Helps you plan your objectives

When launching a business, you must have a clear vision to keep you motivated. Having a strong custom-made business strategy allows you to examine and decide where you want to take your company in the long run. An effective business plan helps in the creation of a successful business strategy that will greatly benefit your company in the coming years.

Helps evaluate your strengths and flaws

Knowing your objectives can help you identify your company's strengths and limitations. Most businesses, however, concentrate on their strengths and overlook the need to rectify their deficiencies. Creating a personalized company plan can reveal your underlying shortcomings, allowing you to focus on addressing them and growing your business.

Helps you in acquiring the right skills and information

Knowing your objectives and what you want to accomplish can help you grasp the abilities and information required to attain them. A tailor-made strategy is essential for making the best decisions in your company. Having the necessary capabilities can take your company to the next level.

What is the difference between an advisory or a consultation service?

Despite their similarities, consultants and advisors often play various roles and have varied methods in which they might help businesses. Although their objectives and types of activities might differ, both sorts of experts are in charge of offering expertise to businesses. In order to choose the right individual for the job, it’s important to recognize the distinction between advisors and consultants.

What is an advisory service?

Advising or advisory is the activity of providing advice to professionals or businesses to assist them in making decisions. An advisor is responsible for examining a company’s internal affairs, determining how they connect to its overall objectives and offering methods to enhance them.

What is a consulting service?

Consulting is the activity of offering advice and expertise to a company or group of individuals on a certain topic. Clients often present a particular matter to a consultant, who subsequently works to fix the problem.

How are they different?

Consulting and advisory are two roles that are close but not identical. The duration of time the consultant spends with the client is a substantial distinction between advising and consulting. While consultants collaborate with their clients for brief periods, advisors often collaborate with their clients for a longer period.

Typically, consulting is done on an individual basis, while an adviser works with clients over time, providing support with ongoing business challenges.

Although both advisors and consultants can work for firms both inside and outside, their work cultures often vary. Advisors often work with business executives to develop strategies and evaluate the business over time.

Consultants, on the other hand, often operate independently, however they may also work for consulting businesses as employees. Consultants interact with businesses on a regular basis for shorter periods to solve difficulties. Rather than keeping an ongoing connection with customers, consultants may opt to engage with a firm for a single project.

How to start the advisory and consultation process in Romania?

Select your preferred service

Simply choose your desired advisory and consulting service for your Romanian business from our list by filling out our form or call one of our team members for any help

Appointment of a personal advisor or consultant for your Romanian business

FormationWise will designate a personal advisor or consultant to effectively handle all your business concerns in Romania

Submit the details

We will send you a list of the information required depending on the advisory and consulting service that you have chosen for your company in Romania

Make the payment

Once you pay the fees for our advisory and consulting services, our team will start analyzing your Romanian business to start the work

Start the work

After identifying your business concerns, our advisors and consultants will get started to offer you the top advice you need to sustain and thrive in the Romanian market

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In recent years, Romania has become a central hub for carrying out your business activities in Europe. Romania has a corporate income tax rate of 16% which is one of the lowest in Europe. Additionally, Romania has signed various double-taxation agreements which protect companies and their profits from double taxation. This means that taxes will be paid only once, in the country where the profits are recorded. Another benefit of conducting business in Romania is the availability of a large number of highly educated and competent workers at good rates. As an EU member, Romanian companies can freely trade with any of the EU countries without facing any barriers.

All types of businesses in Romania can benefit from business advisory and consulting services. Advisory and consulting services assist businesses in identifying and overcoming constraints in certain areas. These services offer recommendations on business strategies such as budgeting and cash flow, business improvement, profit improvement and more. A good advisor or consultant can help your business to improve strategies and operations or manage significant business events. Financial advisers can assist you in developing an overall financial plan for your company. HR advisors or consultants on the other hand can assist the company to improve employee satisfaction and effectiveness whereas a strategic advisor can help your business to reach its vision and can show the right path to follow.

You should think about seeking legal advice each time a situation or the legal framework around a particular problem becomes more complicated than you had anticipated. A legal consulting service helps you comply with fundamental laws and provides the best advice on important procedures. It also plays a vital part in developing the internal legal framework. A legal advice service may help you in achieving all of your business goals, including enhancing the profitability and efficiency of your firm, offering solutions for legal strategies, and actively managing all of your business’s legal concerns.

We know that planning and executing a digital strategy can be overwhelming and complex without years of experience in the industry. Regardless of what you’ve tried before, there is likely something you’re missing out on when it comes to your digital presence. Digital advisory services from FormationWise can allow you to get the right advice and guidance from professionals who have worked in the field. Our digital advisors are well-experienced in all aspects of the digital world and have helped several international businesses build a robust online presence in Romania.

Small and medium-sized businesses often encounter several roadblocks on their path to success, but there’s a way to tackle those issues. A business advisor or business consultant helps you create the future you want for your business by showing you ways you can remove the barriers. A small business advisor serves as an excellent inspiration, guiding you through significant strategy development, marketing, financial and development choices. They keep you accountable and educate you and your team through any challenge. A business advisor can analyze data and develop new strategies to grow your business. Apart from helping you generate new ideas, your business consultant will help you find business partnerships that suit you, identify better suppliers, and locate new markets for future expansion.

In today’s modern era, the general sustainability of businesses has been a key selling feature for clients. As a consequence, established businesses have gone from being unconcerned with the idea of sustainability to undergoing huge changes in a bid to become more ethical, transparent, and desirable. But how do you tell how sustainable is your company? Transparency is maybe the most significant aspect of establishing a company’s intrinsic sustainability. Your business should be watchful of the social and environmental impact of its operations and disclose that information as well. Sustainable businesses prioritize environmental concerns, social harmony, legal responsibility and overall integrity.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business owner, hiring a business consultant can be a huge time-saver and a real asset to the growth of your company. Consultants can offer the expertise you need to help guide your business through different consultants specialized in different sectors and regions including strategy and management, operations, human resources, finances, IT, marketing and more. Consultants collaborate directly with company owners and managers to identify issues, offer advice, and provide realistic solutions. Business consultants can assist in identifying issues and offering alternatives to successfully deal with them.

Failing to comply with local rules is annoying. Ensuring that your organization’s operations are fully running according to the local laws and regulations can be a tedious and complex process. That’s where we come in. FormationWise can help small or medium-sized businesses comply with the local laws and regulations that are required, and are essential to effectively run and manage your business in Romania. We have extensive knowledge of the local Romanian laws and our compliance advisory team is fully aware of any new updates that happen in the legal and regulatory process of Romania.

Yes! You can hire an experienced and knowledgeable HR consultant who would be purely dedicated to handling the human resource function of your Romanian business. Once you hire FormationWise for HR consultancy services for your business in Romania, your dedicated HR consultant will give you the best advice, guidance and training you need to effectively handle and retain your employees, and keep them motivated to deliver their best. Our HR consultants can help you identify and place the best-talented team of employees in your business team. This will give your business a competitive edge over your rivals and will help your company work more efficiently.

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