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Are you an international business owner, entrepreneur or a professional looking for the best accounting and auditing services for your business? Look no further! FormationWise can help you set up an accounting system, maintain financial documents, audit your books and create financial goals for your business.

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We know how difficult it can be to manage your company’s finances if you aren’t familiar with debits, credits and recording transactions, but who says you have to do it alone? We offer a range of offshore accounting and taxation services that cover anything from offshore bookkeeping, tax planning, VAT registration and financial statement audit to payroll services, debt monitoring and so much more.

What we do?

At FormationWise, we proudly support business owners, providing offshore accounting and auditing solutions that facilitate company growth. You can significantly increase your profitability and secure your economic future by retaining our team of skilled offshore accountants.

Accounting rules and company compliance is different in each country.

That’s why we work with a great professional team in each of the counties we operate in to offer the best services that are in accordance with the local regulations of the jurisdiction you are working in.

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Our specialized offshore accounting solutions can work effectively to help you remove the need for an in-house accounting department which is sometimes too costly to set up and maintain. Through our professional accounting and auditing services, you can obtain a competitive advantage by gaining valuable services at better prices while increasing your productivity.

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Hiring the financial and accounting professionals at FormationWise can help you save money on training, purchasing in-house hardware and software, as well as year-round salaries.

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Formationwise can assist you to incorporate a company in the below international jurisdictions:

Our accounting and auditing services

Maintenance of accounting records, financial reporting and consolidation

From start-ups to established firms, all businesses must maintain their accounts in order to remain profitable and benefit from new possibilities. Whether you’re a small, mid-size or large business, you must consolidate financial data by the end of each period to close your accounting records. With reliable record-keeping, financial analysis and consolidation, our offshore accounting services guide you to these goals. We'll make certain that your accounts are up to date and correct. Our accountants will back up your accounts with a thorough and detailed record of all company revenue and expenses, such as receipts, invoices, and purchase orders, etc. to take your financial targets to the next level.

Arranging audits and performing internal audits

Compilation of accounts and documents for the annual audit is one of our core services. We arrange for your company’s financial audit services depending on your requirements. As one of the best internal audit companies, our financial statement audits are designed to help your organization review its processes, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses against external standards while giving you peace of mind that you're running effectively. Our internal audit service can play an important role in helping you maintain a strong governance and risk management framework. It not only helps you identify and mitigate key strategic and operational risks, but it can also support you in identifying new opportunities to grow and diversify your business.


Many small firms, businesses, and investors find it very hard to maintain their accounting reports and keep their investments up to date. FormationWise is a reputable offshore bookkeeping firm that offers innovative bookkeeping services to companies of all sizes. We act as your branch office to handle the complete bookkeeping process using the accounting tool of your choice. Our services will free you from your bookkeeping hassles, and we will prepare all reports, balance sheets, and statements in accordance with your jurisdiction’s standards. During everyday operations, our bookkeepers will ensure that all of your employees are filing receipts and bills correctly and handling the payroll processing system on a continuous basis. 

Multi-currency operation

Consumers and businesses buy products and services all across the globe. However, most of the time consumers prefer paying in their home currencies. To facilitate this, we provide processing solutions that support multi-currency payments in a number of different currencies. Simply forward us your customers' payment details and we will do the required currency conversions and make sure that the exact amount is transferred into the designated overseas account. We will also process incoming international payments for your clients, with or without currency conversion. In the event any payment falls out of the processing, our experienced operations staff will perform manual repair activities.

Personal accountant

Having a competent accountant on your side offers you a sense of security and the reassurance that all of your tax claims are correct and legitimate. Our personal accountants have full knowledge of offshore taxes, obligations, financial constraints and operations. We will ensure that your accounts and finances remain well organized, categorized and summarized. Our professional accountants can help you with tax planning, tax advice, tax audits, budget planning, accounting records, and more. As our personal clients, our accountancy and bookkeeping services will help you make the financial side of life as stress-free as possible.

Tax planning, filing and returns

Offshore businesses with international corporate interests or global corporate holdings must apply smart and rigorous international tax planning and filing if they want to be successful in their global operations. If you are an entrepreneur or business leader in Europe, Asia or elsewhere, you can dodge tax issues before they happen. Our expert international tax lawyers will create a financial strategy for you and handle all elements of your taxes, including tax returns, tax planning, and more. We can save you time and money by offering experienced tax advice tailored to your individual needs.

VAT registration

In certain jurisdictions, all sorts of businesses are required to register for VAT once they hit or plan to cross the VAT threshold. Even if your revenue is below the VAT threshold, there can be many benefits to getting registered for VAT. We provide a robust VAT registration service in the jurisdiction of your choosing, allowing you to easily register your business for VAT. Before receiving your VAT registration certificate, we will handle all of the paperwork and applications and finish the entire VAT registration process as your representative.

Financial planning

Our financial planning services provide a thorough examination of your financial position, to develop a customized financial plan to help you achieve your objectives. Our financial planners will go through a variety of topics such as investment, taxes, savings, retirement, inheritance, insurance, and more. We will create a plan for your future, focusing on how you would manage your capital and prepare for any possible expenses and concerns that may develop in your new jurisdiction. The process involves assessing your present financial condition, determining your objectives, and then generating and executing appropriate suggestions.

Payroll services

With our sophisticated and credible payroll services, you can better manage your company and employees. Our offshore payroll processing professionals will calculate and compile your company's payroll payments including basic pay, retirement benefits, healthcare, employment insurance, taxes, and other salary-related perks in the region where you want to operate or are currently working, We handle your payroll from start to finish, making it quick, simple and cost-effective. With a complete understanding of the payroll practices in the major jurisdictions, we can help you in minimizing your payroll processing costs. Our team excels in multiple areas of payroll services to effectively satisfy your offshore payroll demands with our specialized and customized services.

Annual financial statements

An annual financial statement or annual report can help you get a better view of your company's financial condition, including assets, liabilities, and financial outcomes. While preparing your yearly financial statement, we will calculate how your firm utilized its resources over the course of a year. Your annual financial statement will provide you with a snapshot of the past year. This statement will include a description of your company's assets and liabilities such as anything from cash and cash equivalents to property and intellectual property, such as patents in your desired jurisdiction.

Debt monitoring and analysis

No one knows when a customer's balance may turn into an ugly debt. Our qualified personnel can identify a bad debt at the right time, allowing your company to thrive in a fiercely competitive global market. If you think you need assistance in managing your debts, we can help you get started immediately. You can collaborate with our qualified analysts, who will take the time to understand your specific circumstances, provide suggestions based on your professional experience and understanding, and engage with you to implement an effective debt monitoring and analysis strategy. Our effective debt analysis will reveal why the firm is functioning inefficiently and suggest the path to better overall outcomes.

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Why choose Formationwise for accounting & auditing services?

Formationwise offers premium offshore accounting, auditing and taxation services through a wide network of qualified partners across the world. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire Formationwise for your offshore accounting needs in your chosen jurisdiction:

Complete range of services

From financial reporting and offshore bookkeeping to internal audit, tax planning, payroll services and more, we provide a broad array of services, so you can run your financial operations efficiently and stress-free in your new jurisdiction.

Highly experienced

Our team has years of expertise assisting new businesses and companies of all sizes with offshore bookkeeping, offshore accounting, compliance audit and many more

Free initial consultation

We provide a free initial consultation to evaluate and analyze the best accounting and auditing services for your company or business

Fully confidential

When you choose Formationwise to handle your offshore accounting and taxation, you can be certain that your records, data and personal information are completely secure

Effective and reliable

We will effectively manage your company’s financial data to help you grow your revenues and take your business to the next level


Our team of financial experts offers the best offshore accounting and taxation services across the world at the most competitive price in the market. The best part – we never compromise on quality

Transparent pricing

Honesty and integrity are the top priority here at Formationwise. You will never incur any hidden fees or costs when you choose our accounting and auditing services

Benefits of offshore accounting services

Many small businesses, mid-size companies and entrepreneurs struggle to find the best accountant to compile their company’s accounting reports, handle bank account transactions, evaluate financial data, and prepare outbound invoices. That is why it’s best to outsource your accounting and taxation matters to professionals like FormationWise to effectively handle all your accounting. Here is why you should hire an accounting firm to handle your company’s financial matters:

Increase Profitability

Outsourcing your accounting services can save your company big bucks in the long run as you'll only be spending on what you actually need. When you outsource, only the actual task is paid for, ensuring that you dramatically elevate your profit margin. Furthermore, if your firm is experiencing short-term troubles, it is a better financial decision to engage an outsourced crew to keep your company's costs down while addressing your company's current ongoing challenges.

Minimize errors

Financial data, bank statements, data entry, and complex math could lead to technical errors when mismanaged. Even a talented accountant can make a mistake or lose track of data. Outsourced accounting services can enable you to minimize your overall financial mistakes through an experienced team of qualified accountants and bookkeepers who are the best in their industry.

Saves you time

As your company expands, you will find yourself putting in more effort in handling your finances and less time scaling the business. As a result, outsourcing accounting operations such as offshore bookkeeping and auditing will help you devote your attention, energy, and resources on building lucrative business strategies.

The best advisor on your team

A well-experienced accountant will provide the best advice on how to make accounting more efficient. Having helped many firms with their accounting needs, your financial advisor will offer the best advice whether it is about taxation, accounting software or payroll processing for your company.

What documents are required for outsourcing accounting and auditing services to your firm?

With new regulations in place worldwide, there is extensive documentation and checklists to be filed to ensure that the accounting and audit process is performed efficiently. Here are some of the documents we require to manage your accounts, plan or file your taxes or conduct an internal audit for your business:

What is auditing?

A financial audit or auditing is an official review and identification of a company’s financial records. The primary purpose of auditing is to ensure that the company’s financial statements are accurate and that regulatory rules are followed. Auditing also gives investors, lenders and other stakeholders the confidence they need to have full trust in your firm and its integrity. The audit team presents its observations to the company’s shareholders and other members of the organization in the shape of an audit report. 

Auditors operate within a narrow, justifiable margin of error known as materiality. The volume of materiality is determined by the company’s size as well as its reported income and costs. FormationWise offers sound advice on how to handle and overcome any issues that arise during an audit. 

The importance of auditing

Credibility and reliability

With an effective auditing system, your company can generate reliable and unbiased financial reports, allowing you to obtain insights into which segments or product lines are doing well and how to spend resources effectively. Furthermore, frequent audits can restore faith in your shareholders that your accounts are transparent and fair, and that it is safe to invest in your company.

Preventing fraud

Internal audits performed on a regular basis by a skilled auditor are critical in spotting fraud before it becomes significant and serious. Having a robust auditing system in place alone can help stops workers and vendors from trying to cheat your firm in the first place.

Types of auditing

Internal audits

Internal audits assess internal controls, processes, legal compliance and the protection of assets. Internal auditing can be a valuable tool for firms to assess risks and specify concrete strategies to enhance performance.

External audits

A third party like an independent accountancy firm conducts external audits. Following the completion of the audit, a report is sent to shareholders and stakeholders outside of the business. While the scope of external audits varies (financial statements, etc.), the key advantage is the audit team's independence and integrity. This builds more trust among shareholders and external stakeholders in the audit process and report.

Financial statement audits

Financial statement audits involve independent auditors who will report on whether a company’s financial statements align with the applicable financial reporting standards.

Performance audits

Performance audits cover a wide variety of assessments. An entity may request or require a performance audit to evaluate its program effectiveness and results, internal controls, compliance with certain requirements and prospective analysis.

Compliance audits

A compliance audit is when an entity is audited to determine if it complies with a government’s rules, standards and requirements. A government sets the requirements and hires an auditor to evaluate the entity’s compliance with them.

Information system audit

This audit reviews the company's information system and the activities that support it. This is often done alongside other sorts of audits, such as financial audits. It reviews and investigates data from IT systems and assesses their credibility, particularly the ones that are compromising the financial records of the company.

Payroll audits

Payroll audits examine payroll activities as well as reports. An audit can help in the detection of mistakes, strengthen compliance and prevent fraud in the workplace. Payroll audits can be performed by an internal auditor or a third-party auditor.

How to start the accounting or auditing process?

Choose your preferred service

Simply select the desired offshore accounting and taxation service that you require from our list by filling out our form or call one of our team members for any help

Appointment of a personal accountant or auditor for your business

Formationwise will designate a personal accountant or auditor to effectively handle all your financial concerns

Submit the documents

We will send you a list of the documents required depending on the financial service that you have chosen

Make the payment

Once you pay the fees for our accounting, auditing or taxation services, our team will start analyzing the documents to start the work.

Start the work

We will get started to get your financial issues sorted out and handle your payroll, bookkeep your accounts or perform a financial statement audit for your business.

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Previously, companies registered in common offshore jurisdictions did not have to submit any financial reports. However, in an attempt to follow the recommendations issued by OECD, many offshore jurisdictions have amended their legislations regulating the accounting matters.

Today, most offshore companies have to keep the books and be prepared to submit the accounting records to the authorities at their request even though regular submission of financial reports is not usually required. In order to effectively manage your accounting, you would require the services of a professional accountancy firm like FormationWise to handle all your accounting concerns.

If you receive and send payments in other currencies than your home currency, you need a multicurrency bank account. You then need to report for these transactions just as you do for all the others. A multicurrency accounting system tracks transactions in foreign currencies and integrates them into financial statements and tax returns. A multicurrency bank account, a bookkeeping system to handle the paperwork and a professional accountant with expertise in handling numerous currencies are required to set up multicurrency accounting. At FormationWise, we offer the best multicurrency accounting services for your offshore business.

A really important factor to incorporating an offshore company is knowing that you have a local professional accountant with you on board who offers the best accountancy and taxation services tailored to meet your company’s needs. We offer a tailored approach advising new businesses with tax planning, accounting and audit strategies in particular. On the other hand, regular tax matters can be complicated enough when they cross international borders, specialist advice is crucial for compliance and to maximize tax efficiency. Our experienced accountants have vast knowledge and professional expertise in the offshore industry, so you can be certain that your financial guidance is coming from the best and most qualified accountants in the business. 

An audit is necessary as it provides reliability to a set of financial statements and gives the shareholders confidence that the accounts are true and fair. It can also help in strengthening the company’s internal processes and control systems. A variety of businesses and organizations require financial audits from registered auditors to meet certain regulations. An audit can detect signs of fraud, which is especially important for small or medium enterprises when owners are not actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business. Financial audits can add real value to your business because they lead to better decision-making and ensure that your financial statements are up-to-date and accurate.

Bookkeeping is the practice of documenting your company’s financial activities into structured accounts on a regular basis. With the right bookkeeping, businesses can monitor all information on their books to make key operational, investment and financial choices. Having a bookkeeper for your offshore business is really important. The bookkeeper will handle the day-to-day tasks of your company’s finance department and ensure that new employees fill out all the required paperwork, submit invoices and follow up on them, and pay the bills. The bookkeeper will also track company expenses so that every cost is entered and recorded correctly so that your business is ready for tax time.

Financial statements are an important tool for operating your business. They provide critical information about your company’s operation by providing an overview of its finances. They also serve as the basis for designing your future path. Bankers, shareholders and others rely on financial statements to analyze the condition, and profitability of your business and make decisions that influence it. These vital documents demonstrate the viability of your company and enable you to make informed financial choices to guarantee its success. They include critical information on what your firm owns and owes, as well as how much money it has earned and spent.

Accounting standards differ from region to region and there is presently no universally acknowledged accounting and reporting system in place. These criteria are necessary for companies so that an investor can compare the financial statements of different firms. Each offshore jurisdiction has its unique offshore accounting and taxation regulations, which may be difficult for new offshore businesses to understand. A local qualified accountant can help you in meeting the accounting rules in the jurisdiction of your choice. An offshore business with properly maintained accounting records may fulfill all of the requirements of tax and corporate legislation in two countries at the same time: the country where the firm was established and the country where it has tax resident status.

Offshore companies operate according to the local regulations and laws of where they are incorporated. Offshore jurisdictions are considered tax havens but that does not necessarily mean evading taxes. You have to follow the legal and financial requirements of each jurisdiction in order to do business there. You should comply with the laws in the incorporated jurisdiction and your home country. To comply with all of the requirements of your offshore jurisdiction it’s best to hire a professional accountancy firm that can help and guide you throughout the compliance process.

VAT is not applicable in every offshore jurisdiction as some offshore destinations don’t charge VAT. However, you have to register for VAT in some offshore jurisdiction to conduct your business operations. We can help you obtain a VAT number in the offshore jurisdiction of your choice. Our professional team has the knowledge and experience to help you register for VAT in the relevant tax department of your desired jurisdiction. You can send us the required documents for VAT registration while we handle the rest.

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