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If you are an entrepreneur or a small or medium-sized business owner looking for expert advice and consultation to take your business to the top, you have come to the right place! FormationWise can provide professional assistance to help you reach your business objectives more effectively. Our years of expertise will help you in overcoming any business hurdles and help grow your business.

Who are we?

At FormationWise, we think that small businesses deserve the same level of financial competence usually available to large corporations. That is why our professional team of advisory consultants provides the best tax advisory, debt advisory, transaction advisory, accounting advisory, risk advisory, eCommerce consulting, strategy consulting, and business consulting services to small business owners looking to successfully expand and grow their business in new regions.

Our team

Our team is committed to helping aspiring business owners in overcoming challenges and achieve their goals. We recognize that running a successful business can be difficult at times, so we’ve put together a team of digital advisory, sustainability consulting, tax consulting, online consulting, corporate consulting, and compliance consulting experts from around the world to help business owners in reaching their goals.

What we do?

We customize our small business advisory services to each client’s individual requirements. Our one-of-a-kind advisory and consultation services offer you the business support and expertise you need in one convenient location. Whether you’re a brand-new or established business, we’ll help you overcome barriers and challenges to ensure that you take advantage of new possibilities.

Why you need us?

Instead of wasting time putting together expert guidance from a variety of advisory consultants, you can put our end-to-end solutions into action and start seeing results in no time. Our skilled business advisory specialists have decades of entrepreneurial expertise, having helped several businesses reach the top. So, whether you’re looking for business advice or business consulting, we offer the best guidance to get your business up and running in no time.

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Choose your jurisdiction

Formationwise can assist you to incorporate a company in the below international jurisdictions:

Our advisory and consultation services

Our business advisory experts can help you with any part of your business. Whatever industry you serve, our local advisers and consultants across the globe are ready to provide practical and expert advice.

Building and optimizing your business strategy

When things aren't going as planned in your business, it's tempting to believe that nothing is working and that everything has to be redone. To make your business work more efficiently and productively, you would need to develop and implement an ideal business plan. Your business strategy should portray an integrated set of options around which the whole business revolves. FormationWise helps create an efficient business plan that can help your business thrive in the worldwide market. We will analyze your company's present processes and outcomes in all areas to foresee potential problems and then organize your team with a precise strategy to target specific changes.

Digital strategy

Because new technologies have the potential to drastically alter corporate economics, it is critical to develop a robust digital strategy to satisfy the ever-changing business demands. A successful digital strategy begins with a thorough grasp of the competitive marketplace and how it is likely to evolve. FormationWise can develop a successful digital strategy that focuses on leveraging technology to enhance company performance, whether it means developing new products or improving your present business processes digitally. Our digital plans will assist your firm in identifying the measures it will need to take to gain new competitive advantages using technology, as well as the tactics it will need to use to make these changes.

Human Resources

Creating a strong human resource function is one of the most difficult aspects of operating a small business. Transferring your HR tasks to an HR professional saves you money and time while also ensuring compliance and improving company culture. FormationWise can successfully manage all of your human resource requirements, from specialized recruiting to enhanced benefits in order to retain your employees. We understand how tough it is to cope with constantly changing employment rules and difficult HR responsibilities that need both resources and time. Outsourcing a portion or all of your HR department to FormationWise can help you increase profitability while lowering expenses linked with your HR team, management, and technology.

eCommerce implementation

Applying an e-commerce strategy allows your business to sell things online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, attract new clients, target your ideal market, develop a strong brand and strengthen connections with consumers by enhancing their shopping experience. FormationWise's eCommerce implementation services can help you whether you are creating your first online shop or modernizing your existing business platform. We have been assisting businesses of all sizes, large and small, in developing e-commerce platforms to launch their operations online. Contact us now to see how we can get your business's e-commerce site up and running, and generating income in no time.

Marketing strategy

Creating the right marketing plan to meet your company's objectives may be a difficult and time-consuming task. To properly market your business, you must first understand who your clients are and what they think of your firm. This is where market research comes into play. A smart marketing plan will help you capitalize on your strengths and match them to the demands of the clients you wish to reach. FormationWise can assist you in identifying your top clients, understanding their demands and implementing the most efficient marketing strategies to boost your sales. After we have finalized your marketing strategy, we will create an effective plan outlining how you intend to implement that approach and evaluate its effectiveness.

Risk assessment and management

Effective risk management is essential at every stage of your project to guarantee its success. We provide a full range of management and assessment services to assist you in taking an organized approach to risk management at every step of your project. We can assist you in identifying, assessing and managing risks connected with the expenses and performance of your business, from the inception phase through to the ongoing operation and maintenance of your assets. With years of expertise in risk analysis and implementing a risk management approach, FormationWise can help you in increasing your productivity. Our risk assessment services ensure that your business surpasses the compliance norms of the region in which it operates.

Legal advisory

In today's business world, successful firms rely on change and innovation to sustain a competitive advantage. Our one-of-a-kind blend of legal knowledge provides comprehensive attention and effective solutions for all facets of your business. We can meet all of your needs, both in routine operations and in complex transactions involving all legal aspects of your business in numerous countries. The legal advising staff at FormationWise is well-versed in the business world and can provide cutting-edge knowledge to support your goals and objectives. Our legal advisory services keep our customers on track and informed on new legislative changes in all areas of law.

Compliance services

We realize that the key to effective compliance is the implementation of efficient systems and controls, resulting in a strong compliance culture inside your business. Our compliance solutions team collaborates with your team to create a bespoke service that is thorough, practical and cost-effective. FormationWise can help you make strategic choices that strengthen your financial framework while meeting your corporate compliance requirements. With our support, you can uncover cost-cutting opportunities and meet your corporate, and personal financial goals. We regularly monitor the ever-changing rules and regulations in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information on financial planning and tax compliance.

Technology consulting

Technology has evolved into a key component of corporate success and focusing on tech planning is often the most effective approach to drive growth, save time and money, remove risk, and optimize business operations. Technology consulting helps businesses in becoming more efficient and profitable, resulting in increased output, more efficient participation, and a better bottom line. Our technology professionals help businesses alter the way they utilize technology by providing technical solutions as a team. Tech consultants provide advice on a wide range of company technology issues, from strategic planning to hands-on IT implementation. They often collaborate with business executives to solve challenges and determine how technology can help your business.

Financial management consulting

Sound financial management techniques enable your business to thrive by helping you to make better choices, limit expenses and manage cash flow. Controlling and tracking your finances is critical for the survival and success of your business. It entails planning, organizing and regulating your financial resources in order to fulfill your business goals. FormationWise can help you in mastering all aspects of your business finances so that you can optimize earnings and increase the worth of your business. Our skilled financial management experts will help your business in making the best use of its resources, meet obligations to stakeholders, gain a competitive edge, and prepare it for long-term financial stability.

Operations management consulting

It has never been simple to maximize operational efficiency and effectiveness. Today's supply chain problems, trade volatility, changes in consumer expectations and the advent of digital operations make managing your daily operations even more difficult. FormationWise provides the expertise and resources to help you on your path to enhance productivity, quality and time performance, as well as the continuous development of everyday operations. Our operations management experts have extensive expertise in helping individuals in the development and running of successful businesses. We will use our expertise to make your company's operations as efficient and effective as possible.

Environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability

Investors, users and our community expect businesses to raise awareness of climate change and decrease their negative environmental and social consequences. While many businesses recognize the need to act, but find it difficult coming with ideas on how to do so. FormationWise provides a wide range of international skills and knowledge to ensure your business can be clear about social responsibility standards and become the business you want it to be. Our worldwide environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions promote sustainability in ways that benefit your business, society and the environment. Through our innovative ESG Framework, we can help your business in meeting its ESG objectives.

Why choose Formationwise for advisory and consultation services?

FormationWise offers premium business advisory and financial advisory services through a wide network of qualified partners across the world. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire Formationwise for your business consulting needs in your chosen jurisdiction:

Complete range of services

From transaction advisory and digital advisory to sustainability consulting, tax consulting, strategy consulting and more, we provide a broad array of services, so you can run your business operations efficiently and stress-free in the jurisdiction of your choice

Highly experienced

Our team has years of expertise assisting new businesses and companies of all sizes with tax advisory, debt advisory, business consulting and many more

Free initial consultation

We provide a free initial consultation to evaluate and devise the best advisory and consultation services for your company or business

Fully confidential

When you choose FormationWise for the top advice and consultation for your business, you can be certain that your records, data and personal information are completely secure

Effective and reliable

We will offer the best advice on how to effectively manage your company’s operations to help you grow your revenues and take your business to the next level


Our team of financial experts offers the best advisory and consultation services across the world at the most competitive price in the market. The best part – we never compromise on quality

Transparent pricing

Honesty and integrity are the top priority here at FormationWise. You will never incur any hidden fees or costs when you choose our advisory and consultation services

How can FormationWise help your business?

Working with a business advisory and consultation service like FormationWise may seem illogical for a business wanting to save expenses, but the returns can be huge and long-lasting. If you run or manage a company and are seeking new methods to grow and succeed, FormationWise can help. Our advisors and consultants, who specialize in a variety of sectors and regions, can provide professional assistance to help grow your business. Here’s how we can help your business:

Offer competent advice

Our expertise, specialized abilities, skills and knowledge are the key values we adhere to at FormationWise. We have a far wider and deeper knowledge of business trends, industry difficulties, new technology, and procedures than internal teams since we have worked with several businesses over time. 

Make your business lucrative

When you hire FormationWise, you only pay for the services you need at the time you require them. This can result in significant savings as compared to employing a salaried employee with the same degree of experience to accomplish similar activities.

Save your time

Our consultants are familiar with best practices to run your business efficiently. There is no need for business owners to rethink their approach or lose precious time on something that we can easily manage for them.


FormationWise's team of experienced advisors and consultants can help you detect and handle all your business issues, whether it is deploying new technology or executing a merger or acquisition.


Our consultants do not provide a one-size-fits-all answer. We customize our advice and consultancy according to your business and objectives, and devise a good strategy consulting plan to tackle the unique issues that your business encounters.


Our consultants do not provide a one-size-fits-all answer. We customize our advice and consultancy according to your business and objectives, and devise a good strategy consulting plan to tackle the unique issues that your business encounters.

Who could benefit from Advisory & Consultation services?

Any new or existing small or medium-sized business can benefit from advisory and consultation services to help them accomplish their objectives and move their business to the next level. FormationWise can help benefit your business by providing expert advice and consultation to your business in the following areas:

Business growth and planning

Whether you have recently established a startup or have been operating your own business for years, the road to the next level of development may not be evident. Working with knowledgeable small business advisors like FormationWise can help your business in determining the appropriate business model for your specific services or products. Our skilled advisors can also help you develop a business strategy, which can help with finance and the launch, and growth stage of your business.

Business strategy

Our business advisors can also act as brand strategists. Knowing precisely how to help your business grow, expand and survive in the long term is one of the most difficult components of having your own business. Our skilled business advisers can help you in expanding your business into the worldwide market or increase your profitability. We can chart your small business’s development path by providing precise approaches to reach your goals.

Marketing and sales

We can point you in the right direction for developing a solid sales and marketing strategy based on our years of expertise in small business marketing and sales. This strategy will direct you toward the right tools, techniques and approaches to reach your target audience.

Human resources and personnel

Human resource and talent acquisition concerns have grown increasingly complicated and important for a successful business. We will help you make the right contacts and build a good talented team that is both qualified and experienced to fill your job openings.

What are the essentials of growing a successful business?

New businesses are launched every day and as the market becomes more saturated, and rivals compete for attention, it gets more difficult for business owners to keep their feet on the ground. Nowadays, operating a profitable business is very challenging, if not impossible.

But, before you give up and persuade yourself that you’ll never succeed, reconsider whether there are any blunders you’re making that might be stopping you from reaching the top. Here are some factors you should consider if you want to manage a successful business:

Reduce your expenses

Starting and running a business is an expensive task, yet many entrepreneurs struggle to keep costs low because they spend money on unimportant things. To grow your revenue, you must have total control over your company's finances and keep your costs as low as possible.

Always plan ahead of time

You are already setting yourself up for failure if you do not plan ahead of time. Without that critical plan and vision, no successful business will prosper in the long run. You should plan before time and document all your ideas, and goals in one place in order to grow your small business.

Connect with professionals

There is a significant difference between working alone and working with specialists. Networking with other like-minded professionals can help you develop stronger business connections and as a consequence, get bigger, and better prospects.

Effective accounting

Successful businesses efficiently manage cash flow, having enough funds available to pay bills when they become due or negotiating agreements with creditors to cover the gaps between invoices and client payments. Poor accounting prevents you from effectively calculating overhead expenses, which can lead to under-pricing, and can be devastating for your business. Hiring a skilled accounting firm can help you in managing your payroll, finances, taxes and debts effectively in a professional way. 

The importance of having a business advisor

If you are confused or having a tough time running your business, seeking expert help from an experienced business advisor can be the best decision you can make for your new or struggling business. A qualified business advisor can help your business improve its performance and efficiency by offering effective business analysis, solutions and assistance in reaching its objectives. Here are some of the reasons why you should engage a business advisor for your business:

Utilize their expertise in a specific market 

A business advisor’s most important feature is their expertise. Business advisors recognize and experience things that you are likely to confront, and can provide important advice as a consequence. They can also give feedback to your new business and provide business expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Assists in goal-setting and targets

You can’t formulate an effective business plan until you’ve identified your business’s core objectives. Working with a business advisor can help you limit your objectives, establish appropriate targets and generate greater momentum, and drive in the business. It is better to comprehend your business purpose and monitor your success against these objectives if you and your team have a clear set of targets to rally around.

Avoid costly mistakes

Business advisors can educate you on how to address challenges, in the beginning, to prevent making blunders. Advisors can guide you through the startup process and help your small business avoid expensive errors by detecting them beforehand. Business advisors have the knowledge to determine where the business should be headed and how to approach it from an expert’s viewpoint.

Identifying growth issues

When you hire a business advisor for your small business, they will first learn about your goals and the demands of your clients. They will then develop a strategy for you that will benefit your company and prepare accordingly. While identifying any difficulties, your business advisor will uncover faults in your company processes and offer solutions to correct them.

How to start the advisory and consultation process?

Select your preferred service

Simply choose your desired advisory and consultation service from our list by filling out our form or call one of our team members for any help

Appoint a personal advisor or consultant for your business

FormationWise will designate a personal advisor or consultant to effectively handle all your business concerns

Submit the details

We will send you a list of the information required depending on the advisory and consultation service that you have chosen

Make the payment

Once you pay the fees for our advisory and consultation services, our team will start analyzing your business to start the work

Start the work

After identifying your business concerns, our advisors and consultants will get started to offer you the best advice you need to be successful in the market

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Consulting and advisory are two roles that are close but not identical. Advisory refers to the activity of providing advice to professionals or businesses to assist them in making decisions. An advisor is responsible for examining a company’s internal affairs, determining how they connect to its overall objectives and offering methods to enhance them. Consulting is primarily contract-based and includes specialized strategic consulting solutions to speed up any company’s decision-making process. Consulting is normally done on a project basis, while an advisor works with customers over time, offering assistance on ongoing business concerns.

Small business owners intend to be engaged in all aspects of their operations, yet often struggle to delegate responsibilities to staff or outside experts. If you are a small business owner who is spending too much time managing your operations, advisory and consultation services may help. As your business and revenues grow, you will want professional advice along the road. Advisory and consultation services can help you in managing your taxes, ensure compliance with local rules, and deal with other legal elements of your business. Advisory and consultation services can help new business owners in dealing with the financial and other aspects of their business.

Many business owners come to a stage where they are unsure about where they want to take their business. It might be challenging to develop an entirely new business strategy on your own. You must ensure that your approach remains consistent with your beliefs and objectives, while still being distinct from what you are currently doing. It should be creative, unique and innovative to give you the best results you want. Hiring FormationWise as an online strategy consultant gives you the expert advice you need for your business and can help you in developing a new integrated business strategy. FormationWise can help you with goal formulation, marketing activities, business analysis and execution.

A risk is any circumstance or incident that increases uncertainty in accomplishing organizational goals. Financial instability, strategic oversight, legal obligations, IT dangers, and natural calamities are all examples of risks. The process of detecting, assessing and reacting to risk factors that may impede corporate goals is known as risk management. It helps in estimating uncertainties and forecasting their effect, providing businesses with a foundation from which to make choices. When businesses take the time to assess and prepare for all possible threats, they can act to avoid them or at the very least, secure themselves.

The government has established a set of laws and regulations to guarantee that firms operate properly. Following certain laws and regulations is essential for the ethical and effective operation of a business. It sets a standard for businesses to follow and offers a framework highlighting the do’s and dont’s for a business and its workers. Compliances are a collection of rules and regulations that companies must follow as imposed by the government. Compliance is determined by considering economic, environmental and public interest concerns. Every business must follow these guidelines to avoid penalties such as license revocation and restricted business operations.

Operating a business is a tough challenge. From financial procedures to marketing operations, you must handle various activities to help your firm flourish. As a professional business consulting service, FormationWise can assist you in improving your company’s performance, driving sales and eventually growing your business. If your business is ready to grow, FormationWise can help. We specialize in assisting businesses in expanding and strategizing the finest strategies to ensure your business’s projected growth. Our team can help you in staying within your budget and disburse funds on the tactics and campaigns that increase profits, and sales for your business.

Outsourcing legal advisory services is the practice of hiring a law firm to conduct certain legal activities on your behalf. When you outsource legal advisory services, you can focus on your business while leaving the legal work to the experts. Outsourcing legal advisory services can help you save money on employee salaries, office space and other overhead expenditures. When you outsource legal services, you can obtain qualified advice from a knowledgeable legal team. You will also save a lot of time since you will not have to worry about doing the legal process yourself.

Your business revenues and profits determine, and actualize its success. As a business advisor, our priority at FormationWise is to help you in focusing on the business essentials required for launching, operating and expanding a productive, and lucrative business. Our business advisory experts provide unique business solutions that boost earnings, reduce costs, and ultimately raise the value of your business. We have the experience and knowledge to help you in making the most of your first capital investment in the business. Our advisors can support you in determining the feasibility of your business model and developing strategies, and timetables for your road to success.

Advisors and consultants both have extensive professional expertise and provide corporate ideas to assist customers solve their business concerns. However, the kind of difficulties they face varies. An advisor often works with customers on a long-term basis, advising on ongoing, complex business concerns in order to help businesses in achieving their overall strategic objectives. In general, an advisor is strongly invested in the long-term success of the business, and helps you in identifying issues, and making recommendations based on their professional skills or experience. Consultants provide solutions to particular problems and in certain cases, help their customers in putting those solutions into action. Consulting work is often done on a short-term basis and consultants are not engaged in their customers’ ongoing business.

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