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Why you need document retrieval?

When you need certain records retrieved, you’ll usually need this done quickly and following due diligence. Individuals and corporations use the document retrieval service for various reasons. Common examples of its uses include:

No matter your motivation, FormationWise enables you to retrieve crucial business documents as and when needed. It’s the smartest way to safeguard your reputation and guarantee compliance with local and international regulations.

Some of the top benefits of using our records retrieval service are:

Enjoy unmatched customer support

You’ll continue to enjoy unlimited access to our in-house account experts throughout the process. This team of professionals will provide you with ongoing, live, personalized service to ensure you get everything you need.

Get your documents faster

FormationWise secures all your information and documents, allowing you to access and review them easily.

Save time and unwanted stress

Dealing with multiple jurisdictions operating in different time zones can prove challenging and time-consuming. Let our professionals engage these other offices and get you the document you want.

What we do

FormationWise is better placed to provide you with official document storage and retrieval services and can retrieve records filed with different agencies, countries, and jurisdictions. Our in-house team of retrieval specialists can retrieve the following:

Why us

With FormationWise, you have a document retrieval service that proactively does its homework and ensures it has searched for all potential issues before they can cause a delay. You can trust us to provide nationwide assistance in retrieving all types of records.

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Formationwise can assist you to incorporate a company in the below international jurisdictions:

What Is Document Retrieval?

Complex records retrieval is, put simply; the process followed to ascertain where certain official records are stored and then retrieve available copies of the said records. Often, this process involves a lot much more than calling an office and requesting copies of a certain document.

There are situations where you may not know where the documents are stored or even their file numbers. To complicate the process even more, the deed retrieval services may need to obtain specific authorizations before they can get the required documents.

When it comes to locating the documents you need, you can trust our team to start by understanding the rules and laws that apply in every jurisdiction. Excellent comprehension of local laws and regulations is necessary to prevent unwanted delays.

Aside from understanding the local laws, our team relies on various databases to offer legal document retrieval services to all our clients. During the process, we will also submit all the requisite forms and consult with the right people to get you the answers you seek.

It’s a comprehensive process that ensures clients get the documents they need quickly.

Our Document Retrieval Service Includes:

As noted in the introduction, we do offer a wide array of services, which includes the following:

Certificate of Good Standing (or its equivalent)

A Certificate of Good Standing generally indicates that a business entity has submitted all the necessary reports and paid the corresponding fees to the authorities. The certificate acts as evidence that the said entity exists and has the authorization to transact in that jurisdiction. It's important to note that business entity laws vary from country to country. Therefore, the document issued by the authorities could be called a "Certificate of Existence,” "Certificate of Good Standing," or a "Certificate of Authorization."

Memorandum and Articles of Association (or its equivalent)

A memorandum contains the details of all the individuals present during a company's foundation, e.g., its first shareholders. The Articles of Association refer to the rules that govern how the management operates the company. A memorandum will typically include the name, type and date of the company incorporation; details of the shareholders, company registration act, etc. The Articles of Association typically include Director's powers, indemnity, insurance, responsibilities, appointment and removal, decision-making capabilities, shares, general meetings, capitalization of profits, etc.

Certification of Incorporation (or its equivalent)

It's a legal document used to confirm the formation of your company. A certificate of incorporation is also called a corporate charter or an article of incorporation. Every company needs this document to conduct its operations as a corporation. The document shows the name of your corporation, its registration number, and the date of its incorporation. It also highlights the type of company you and your partners have set up, including where its offices are registered, e.g., in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, or England.

Local Corporate Documents

Local corporate documents are the records required by any corporation to demonstrate that it's operating in adherence to the rules set by the local revenue service. The records signify compliance with the laws applicable to the jurisdiction a business is incorporated. In other words, local corporate records act as an official log of the decisions and actions taken by the company. These documents must include a copy of the company’s articles of association and bylaws; the minutes related to all shareholder and director meetings, a stock register that tracks all stock transactions (where applicable) These documents are integral to the compliance and successful governance of a corporation.

Authentication/ Legalization/ Apostille

A document of authentication comes in handy when a business plans on establishing a presence in a country that isn't party to The Hague Convention. The authentication process helps it to validate its corporate documents. Here, the documents in question will need to get notarized, reviewed by county or state officials, and then taken to State Department officials for certification. Only after authentication has occurred can a corporation proceed to seek "legalization."

Legal Documents

A legal document is any record that outlines a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. All parties involved in the contract should sign it by mutual consent, allowing for its use in a court of law. Taking this definition into account, you'll note that there are many types of records that business people refer to as legal, including contracts, business arrangements, trusts, and deeds. Settlement agreements, property contracts, and sales contracts are legal documents too.

Who Will Benefit from Document Retrieval Services?

Many corporations follow a simple mantra – if you haven’t written it down, it didn’t happen. Written documentation is an unimpeachable clear form of communication that provides a clear record of everything that has happened in a company.

Given the importance of clear communication, various people can benefit from the services offered by a document retrieval service. Top among this include the following:


Pharmacies retain sensitive medical records and health data. Cross-referencing this information with prescription drug information can sometimes prove to be a matter of life and death. Having access to searchable records makes it easy for them to keep their patients safe.

Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies process large quantities of paper daily, ranging from policy applications to statements to claims and cancellations. For their operations to run smoothly, they will need to rely on a document retrieval service to help them find what they need when they need it.

Real Estate Companies

Real estate agencies must cross-reference the data coming across their desks from various sources on a continuing basis. Examples of data sets they need to cross-reference include street-level boundaries, pending sales on each zip code, and current listings. Access to the right records retrieval service can help make their work a breeze.

Law Firms

No one profession beats legal specialists when it comes to their obsession with their available data. Security aside, these professionals expect to have access to clear typesets too. This makes them some of the greatest beneficiaries of our document storage and retrieval service.

Why Choose FormationWise?

Getting access to corporate and legal documents from multiple jurisdictions across the globe is a tedious and time-consuming task. The FormationWise team is here to help you retrieve your official records fast while allowing you to retain control of the entire process.
Our team constantly communicates with our partners overseas to ensure that the complex records retrieval process proceeds without hindrance. Some of the top reasons you should consider our document retrieval services include the following:

Simple Process

Our in-house team will make the whole process as simple and straightforward as it can. We have tailored our deed retrieval services towards helping your corporation grow, no matter your chosen jurisdiction.

No Hidden Fees

Unlike our competition, we believe in providing our clients with fairly priced services. We will communicate all our fees upfront; as we advance, you won’t have to worry about incurring additional costs.

Highly Experienced

We have a team of 27 highly experienced consultants handling our legal document retrieval services. This is a team that has helped FormationWise win 125+ local and international awards, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the best services possible.

Fast Service

Our records management storage and retrieval process are geared towards taking the hassle out of running your business. You can come to us for help with retrieving all types of documents, and we will deliver on our end.

How does document retrieval work?

The deed retrieval services work mainly in two unique ways:

Document Search

In a document search, the retrieval expert uses a search criterion to find the documents the client wants. The good thing about document management is that there is more than one way to search for a record, unlike when using the internet.

Usually, specialists conduct these searches using indexes that describe the contents of the documents. For example, you can have our team locate an invoice using the business name. This is just one example of how a document search can occur.

Full-Text Search

When it comes to a full-text search, it means that a user will look at more than the phrases or keywords used in the title and consider the document’s contents. In the example given earlier, such a search could reveal additional documents linked to the same vendor.

A full-text search can reveal crucial information that can help in making an important decision about the said vendor. Other searches in this category can include dates or types of documents.

Cost of Document Retrieval

At FormationWise, we understand that fast and reliable records retrieval is crucial for the smooth operation of any business. Our clients can place a document storage and retrieval request via phone, email, or through our online portal.

So, how much would it be?

When it comes to the costs, you should note that the storage costs will differ from the retrieval costs. Additionally, several factors will affect the amount you pay for storage. For example, the amount we charge will depend on the following:

How often you'll need to retrieve the documents

For some people it would be a one-time occurrence, i.e. during company formation. For other businesses it is a constant need to manage a lot of documentation, i.e. a law firm.

Whether you require additional services, e.g., image manipulation and document scanning

We at FormationWise are here to work with you and fit all of your requirements. Our experts can offer you a variety of additional options to best fulfil your goal. 

How many documents or boxes you want to be stored for you

Another key factor is the volume of the search as well as the need for storage. Our experts will assist you in finding the best solution. 

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Storing documents in an online records management system ensures they are available for retrieval around the clock. Depending on its setup and the number of people with access, these documents can be accessed from any location.

Therefore, if you have operations in different jurisdictions, your employees working from any location can access the documents as if they were in the main office. For most businesses, a complex record retrieval service helps significantly boost their operations.

Better yet, it ensures that document security doesn’t get compromised. As such, document retrieval is all about getting the right documents to the people who need them without wasting any time. All corporations can benefit from this type of service.

An apostille refers to a legal document issued by the government and which is added to documents that an individual or entity intends to present in another country. Often, the apostille gets issued by the country from where the document originated.

Once a document has an apostille attached to it, helping to confirm the authenticity of its seals and signatures, you can present it to any country that recognizes the apostille. The government officials receiving the document should proceed to accept the signatures and seals in the accompanying document as true and valid.

Please note that an apostille doesn’t validate the contents of the attached records.

When stored correctly, retrieving even the most complex records using a simple keyword search becomes relatively easy. For example, our specialists can search through our available databases using simple keywords or phrases such as name, vendor, or business address.

Depending on the use case, the consultant tasked with that search can decide to narrow down or broaden their search by using a full-text search. Here, the process will involve looking for certain phrases or keywords within the contents of each document.

It’s more detailed as it involves looking beyond the titles and metadata.

In a full-text search, the basic assumption is that the documents have been stored in a manner that allows a user to read them electronically. But while this is generally the case, some documents, e.g., scanned documents, can prove problematic to read.

Another tactic our specialists employ during document retrieval involves tracking document threads. Threads involve identifying all the connections pertaining to the keyword or phrase in question and determining how they are interlinked.

Yes, security is one of the crucial components of a complex records retrieval service. It allows you to limit who can view and modify a file, ensuring that confidential information remains within the purview of very few people.

The document storage services also guarantee that those who have access to these documents can retrieve them from any location globally. With this, it means you can run your corporation from any location regardless of the time.

Typically, you only need a certificate of good standing if people or companies you do business with need it. An example of this will include financial institutions, which may require a certificate of good understanding before your business can open a bank account with them.

Another instance where this may be needed is when setting up a business account that you’ll use to process customer payments made using credit or debit cards. Please note that a lender may require the certificate if you approach them for a loan using the name of the business.

Furthermore, if you have incorporated your business in one jurisdiction and intend to conduct operations in another country, you may need to register as a foreign organization. A certificate of good standing may be needed to complete registration in the new jurisdiction.

Besides the prevailing data protection laws, the Good Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that businesses have a valid reason for holding personal data. Thus, for them to ensure that they are fully compliant with GDPR, businesses have to offer certain rights to their clients.

These rights include the following:

  • Inform customers about how they use their personal data
  • Ensure customers can access all their individual files
  • Customers have a right to erase their personal information
  • Businesses should grant customers the freedom to move their data

All these rights have affected document retrieval in that they have ensured that information is stored in an organized manner at all times. Proper storage allows for fast retrieval while also helping to stop potential data breaches.

We at FormationWise have a team of in-house records retrieval consultants who can assist in retrieving a wide range of documents, including but not limited to the following:

  • Certificate of Good Standing (or its equivalent)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (or its equivalent)
  • Certification of Incorporation (or its equivalent)
  • Local corporate documents
  • Authentication/legalization/apostille
  • Legal documents

Feel free to request help with any of these documents online, via phone, or by email, and we will respond to you promptly.

No. One of the best offered by our records management storage and retrieval service is that you can request and access documents from any location globally. All you have to do is submit your request, and our consultants will liaise with our experts to retrieve the records for you.

We have set our services in such a manner that we can retrieve records from any jurisdiction, no matter the time difference. Moreover, our team knows how to navigate local laws to get our clients the documents they need within the stipulated time frame.

Legal document retrieval services are a science on their own and can take anything from a few minutes to a few business days at most. At FormationWise, we have a team that’s available around the clock to process your request and get started on retrieving your records.

If accessing documents from files we have stored for you, this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. You may, however, have to wait a bit longer in cases where our team has to search through multiple databases and consult with our partners in foreign jurisdictions.

But no matter how long it takes, we will keep you updated and deliver the expected results.

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