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Tax concerns can turn out to be stressful, time-consuming, and overly complicated for corporations and businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions. We are here to take the stress away!

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Why you need a specialized offshore taxation service

The taxation of corporations and businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions can be time-consuming, complex, and stressful. Stepping into a new jurisdiction with different laws and regulations can quickly become overwhelming. Therefore, investing in a specialized service can lift the burden from off your shoulders.

So, how to proceed

When you consider all this, it becomes easy to see how getting your offshore taxation wrong can prove financially crippling for you and your company. As such, we recommend that any person considering setting up an offshore tax structure starts by seeking tax advice.

How we work

And this is where the team at FormationWise comes in! We have a highly-qualified team of corporate tax planning experts that’s insured to give you crucial tax-related advice. Our experts will carefully evaluate your business need and create the perfect solution. 

Our team

Our team has years of experience dealing with non-resident individuals and corporations, non-domiciled persons, and all manner of offshore structures and investments. We are here for you every step of the way to ensure smooth operation and hassle-free management.

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Formationwise can assist you to incorporate a company in the below international jurisdictions:

Our Offshore Taxation Services Include

Tax Preparation and Filing

Offshore trust taxation is a tedious and time-consuming activity many business owners aren't well-versed in, explaining why many dread it so much. Tax preparation and filing involves preparing, calculating, and filing income tax, excise tax, and employment tax returns. A tax return refers to a document the corporation must submit to the authorities as it declares all the relevant calculations on your income and provides the needed proof. Tax preparation and filing services can assist with international tax compliance to ensure you aren't penalised for tax evasion.

Tax Advisory

Tax will always come into play in almost all aspects of your business. To ensure that you don't incur surprises losses related to offshore LLC taxation, you must make it a point to seek tax advice before engaging in any business in a new jurisdiction. For this reason, it's always best to develop a tax planning structure beforehand. In case there are transactions that you have already engaged in without any form of tax planning, consult with FormationWise on how to identify your risks. Identifying your risks will pave the way for your company to mitigate them.

Tax Advice on Cryptocurrency Transactions

One of the questions that our offshore tax consultants often have to answer is, 'do I need to pay taxes on my crypto holdings?' and the answer is always a resounding YES, although there are exceptions to the crypto taxation rules. It's important to note that most key financial institutions worldwide don't consider crypto as a currency or as money. Therefore, when approached from a tax perspective, they tend to treat crypto holdings like shares, ensuring they get taxed accordingly. You can expect to pay tax on crypto when buying and selling any digital asset; inherit crypto or a client/business partner pays you in crypto

Vat Registration

Do you want to register your business for VAT but are feeling overwhelmed by the process? We have in-house experts who can prepare and submit your VAT registration application to HMRC on your behalf. With VAT registration, it doesn't matter whether you want to do it voluntarily or because your business has surpassed the £85,000 VAT threshold, as we can help either way. An offshore tax advisor will prepare your application and submit it to the relevant authorities on your behalf. We will also answer any questions you may have regarding the application. Your VAT Registration Number will be emailed to you as soon as it becomes ready so you won't need to worry about the details.

Filing Tax Returns with Relevant Authorities

Companies and individuals must file their tax returns with the relevant authorities within 12 months from the end of the accounting period. Every return must include a self-assessment of the tax amount owed, reducing the need for the authorities to perform an assessment. However, please note that the authorities will retain the power to assess the company returns if they aren't satisfied with the amounts paid. An offshore corporation tax service can assist you in filing your returns online and following the format specified by the authorities.

Tax Optimization and Planning

Financial success in the business world doesn't get determined by how much money the business makes in a financial year but rather by how much you retain after tax. Subsequently, we do more than provide offshore taxation services – we also offer Tax audit services, Estate management services, Retirement assistance, Tax strategy planning services. All these services aim to ensure that our clients optimize their finances for long-term success and that they get peace of mind, no matter their jurisdiction. Our tax declaration experts have seen all kinds of different tax codes and will offer advice based on your situation.

Why Choose FormationWise?

FormationWise is a renowned firm in the world of finance and tax accounting niche. It has a long and storied history that has seen it win multiple international awards for being a pioneer in the business accounting and taxation industry.

As a company, we are proud of the achievements we have made since inception and are thankful to the clients we have worked with over the years. To our new and potential clients, the following are the reasons to choose our corporate tax planning services:

Simple offshore taxation process

We have simplified our processes and ensured that they could assist your corporation to grow no matter the jurisdiction.

No hidden fees

Clients who come to us for help with sales tax registration services never have to worry about hidden fees as we believe in fair and upfront pricing.

Highly experienced

Our in-house team of annual tax return consultants has years of experience on their hands and will guide you in the right direction in no time.

Fast service

The international tax accountant assigned to your account will take the hassle from your tax planning processes by providing you with a fast and reliable service.

How Will Outsourcing Your Tax Preparation Be of Advantage to You?

Access to High-Quality Services

Our offshore tax consultants only focus on tax-related matters. As such, these consultants will deliver nothing but the most viable advice for your corporation, given that they are specialists in these matters. Furthermore, they all have extensive knowledge of tax planning.

Enhanced Business Compliance

The offshore trust taxation services enable your corporation to stay on top of all compliance requirements. Our advisors are there to ensure you never have to worry about providing incomplete requirements or missing your tax deadlines.

Improved Operational Flexibility

Working with an offshoring partner allows your business to provide round-the-clock services. As a partner, our team will make sure that you never have to worry about time zone differences, which may cause your employees to maintain separate working hours.

Reduced Risks to Your Operational Management

Employing different professionals in a company tends to attract various risks that can significantly impact your operational management. With outsourcing, your firm gets to eliminate the cost linked to employee salaries, workspaces, and resource management.

Direct Vs. Indirect tax

As the popular saying goes, “nothing is certain in life, but death and taxes,” which holds as taxes have become a part of everyday life. No matter your jurisdiction, you’ll find the authorities levying two primary forms of taxes: direct and indirect. But what are they?

Direct Tax

It’s one that’s paid directly to the government by an individual or business corporation. For example, a working professional pays income tax, while a homeowner must pay personal property tax for every home or piece of land under their name. Common examples of direct tax are:

Indirect Taxes

These refer to the taxes collected by a third party within a supply chain, e.g., a producer or retailer, and then paid forward to the authorities. In this case, consumers pay indirect taxes by paying more for a good or service, given that the tax gets added to the standard price. Typical examples of indirect taxes include:

Required Documents

To enable our offshore tax consultants to do their job, we will need you to provide us with several documents. Top among the documents needed for efficient offshore LLC taxation services are:

While the seven documents listed above are the most common, an offshore tax advisor may also need the following documents (where applicable)

What Is the Process?

The process of requesting the FormationWise offshore taxation service is as shown below:

Take Time to Consider Any Outstanding Offshore Corporation Taxes That Could Impact the Tax Audit

Always ensure that you're well-versed with the specific tax regulations that are in place in the countries or jurisdictions where your corporation operates. These regulations will have a significant impact on the audit process. They can also impact other services, such as foreign wire transfers and offshore account opening. Confirm that your corporation will be legally entitled to tax optimization and planning based on its offshore states. The FormationWise in-house team of international tax consultants will work with you from start to finish to ensure you understand all your tax considerations well.

Select Your Applicable Offshore Jurisdiction

You'll now need to inform our team of the jurisdictions where your business operates or intends to start operations. If you're unsure of which jurisdictions apply, worry not, as our team will guide you through the selection process. We will help your new business set up operations in jurisdictions that meet your needs.

Supply Us with All the Applicable Information and Documentation

Choosing a jurisdiction is only the tip of the iceberg, as you still need to submit certain documents to help us prepare your corporate tax returns. The documents we need to prepare and file returns will vary depending on the jurisdiction. The list we provided earlier should give you a clue of what to expect.

Sit Back and Wait for Our Team to Handle Your Business Accounting and Taxation Needs

This is perhaps the best part of this process, as you get to sit back and let our global tax accounting professionals handle the tedious tasks for you. Our team is committed to guiding you through the tax planning processes to guarantee that it will go smoothly.

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A double taxation treaty refers to an agreement between two countries or jurisdictions that are designed to:
• Prevent discrimination against UK business interests in other jurisdictions while providing protection against any form of excessive foreign taxation.
• Provide certainty of treatment pertaining to corporations engaging in cross-border trade and investments.
• Protect business owners and corporations against the threats posed by double taxation in a scenario where one income is taxable in two jurisdictions.
• Encourage a transfer of skills, technology, and inbound investment by eliminating excessive sources of taxation.
• Foster diplomatic relations with another country or send a message of willingness to integrate international tax norms.

The rules for sending a tax return are complex, but a corporate tax planning consultant can guide you through the requirements. In the UK, for example, a resident must send a tax return if any of the following statements apply to them or their business activities:
• You earned £100,000+ between 6th April last year and 5th April this year
• You worked as a sole trader and earned £1,000+ before making any deductions
• You were involved in a business partnership
Additionally, you may also need to submit a tax return if you happen to have any untaxed income, e.g.,
• Foreign Income
• COVID-19 support or grant payments
• Income from dividends, investments, and savings
• Tips and commission
• Money from leasing property to tenants and other businesses
Please note that an international tax accountant from FormationWise can help you to gain a better understanding of all this if you’re unsure of whether you qualify or not.

Tax compliance refers to a personal or business decision to comply with all the sales tax registration laws applicable in a given jurisdiction. One crucial factor to note is that tax laws tend to vary at the state and federal levels.
Moreover, these laws can vary from one jurisdiction to the next. For example, some countries may have high sales taxes while others may not charge property taxes. Therefore, no matter the laws enacted by the authorities, tax compliance relies on the citizens to abide by the laws.
Three indicators are typically used to measure voluntary compliance with tax laws:
I. Filing compliance – filing a tax return
II. Reporting compliance – it’s the difference between the amount declared by a person or a corporation and the amount it owes the taxman
III. Payment compliance – it deals with the payment of all the liabilities declared when filing returns

Typically, all accountable persons must register for VAT. Businesses or individuals undertaking non-taxable activities or exempt-only activities don’t have to register. On the other hand, those undertaking exempt activities may have to register in exceptional circumstances, such as:
• Receiving services from abroad
• Acquiring goods from member countries
When it comes to corporations, it’s possible to reclaim VAT on the start-up costs if you have just set up the business but are yet to supply any taxable commodities. But for you to do this, you’ll have to register for VAT.
Completing your registration enables your company to obtain credit for VAT on all the purchases it made before it started trading. In most cases, traders whose returns are below the VAT thresholds put in place by the authorities aren’t typically obliged to register.

Yes. FormationWise will provide you with offshore accounting and auditing services that will help your business to expand to new jurisdictions in no time. Its team of highly experienced in-house accountants will handle all your taxation, internal audit, and accounting needs.
The FormationWise accountants can help you meet your accounting needs in several ways. They can assist in setting up an accounting system for your business, auditing your books, maintaining your financial documents, and creating financial goals for the business.
Its team of tax advisory consultants understands that not all business owners are familiar with recording transactions, debits, and credits. For this reason, the team offers a suite of services, including payroll processing, offshore bookkeeping, and debt monitoring.
To facilitate its work, the accounting team works with leading accounting firms in all the jurisdictions where it operates to ensure its compliance with local regulations. It’s its way of ensuring its clients get the best services possible.

An international tax consultant can help your business to minimize its tax liabilities, manage its tax situations, and capitalize on available tax deductions. Tax consultants have more extensive knowledge of tax matters than standard tax preparers and can help with issues such as:
• Inheritance matters
• Tax preparation and planning
• Charitable giving
• Estate tax and other complex tax requirements
Most international tax consultants have received training in accounting or tax laws. The fees charged for their services will vary depending on their skill and experience and the scope of work involved in filing your tax returns.

A tax audit occurs when HMRS or the respective jurisdiction’s tax authorities decide to look at your returns more closely. An audit is meant to help the authorities verify that the income and deductions noted in your returns are correct.
The authorities often choose to conduct an audit when some of the expenses you listed on your return prove to be out of the ordinary. If they decide to proceed with an audit, they can do a full enquiry, an aspect enquiry, or a random check.

A tax haven refers to a jurisdiction that provides foreign individuals and businesses with little to no tax liabilities for their bank deposits. These havens are countries that have economically and politically stable operating environments.
Corporations love them because they have many tax advantages, allowing them to operate without paying excessive taxes. The same holds for the extremely wealthy, many of whom do it for tax avoidance purposes.
Wealthy individuals can use tax havens to legally stash money they have earned abroad while avoiding paying taxes in their home countries. However, others can use them to hide money from the taxman illegally.

Suppose you’re operating an offshore bank account in a jurisdiction that has a lower tax rate. In that case, you may have some concerns about its legality and potential to attract penalties from HMRC. But despite their potential for illicit use, these accounts are perfectly legal to operate.
If you declare your income as required, any activities you conduct using the account will remain within the law. Its use only becomes illegal if you’re operating the account for tax evasion purposes, in which case you’re liable to be investigated by the tax authorities.

No. Provided you supply us with all the documents we need, our team can handle your offshore taxation needs from any location. We will provide you with a list of the documents we need to prepare and file your taxes.
The only time you may need to travel to your chosen jurisdiction is when opening an offshore bank account. Banking officials will typically need you to schedule an in-person meeting before activating the offshore bank account.

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