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As your wealth increases, your financial needs become more intricate. FormationWise understands this, which is why we have a private client service that goes way beyond helping you meet your tax obligations.

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Who we are

Our team understands that there’s no one-size fits all approach when it comes to private client wealth management. For this reason, we strive to create a highly bespoke strategy that will centre around you and your family.

What we do

From the moment you come to us, we will do our best to recognise your vision, allowing our experts to develop an investment plan that’s tailored to your unique financial goals. We will listen and work with you to create a plan that reflects your circumstances.

Why you need us

A plan that will get you to where you want to be in the coming years! Every client gets access to a team of dedicated private client accountants who come backed by consultants with decades of wealth management experience. Some of the professionals you’ll work with will include a Wealth Advisory Group, Investment Specialists, and Trust & Estate professionals.

Our focus

Our focus from the first day will be on wealth planning and investment management. Through this, we will get a chance to concentrate on providing superior, long-term results by making you aware of risks that may stand in your way.

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Our Private Client Services Include

Wealth Management

The daily demands placed upon you by your personal and professional obligations can often force you to relegate your wealth management and financial planning needs to the back burner. But, armed with the right information, this doesn’t have to happen. FormationWise has an experienced team of private client group consultants who will guide you in capitalising on all your existing assets. It will guide you on how to create a future-proof plan that will assist you in meeting your financial goals. Our wealth management experts can assist you with Wealth Planning, Bespoke Investment Management, Business Succession Planning, Stock Specific Diversification, Tax Minimization Planning, Socially Responsible Planning

Business Tax Planning Services

Savvy entrepreneurs know that every financial move completed today will inevitably attract various tax consequences down the line. Given that every company must offset its tax burden when the time comes, tax planning is among the top services you should invest in. Tax law is complex, but this is where FormationWise private client banking experts shine best. These experts will ask you all the right questions to better understand your business's unique needs and use your answers to create a strategic tax plan. Our suite of business tax planning services includes International Taxation, Tax Planning and Consultation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Tax Analysis of Proposed Transactions, Entity Structure Analysis, Cost Segregation Studies, Sales and Use Tax, Estate Planning

Family Operations

Centralizing your family's financial operations is the surest way to guarantee that your family wealth will continue to grow, even when you're indisposed. For this, you can trust our in-house private wealth clients’ consultants to offer advice that transcends the traditional challenges of managing a business. Every strategy recommended by our experts will consider your philanthropic goals, personal objectives, current financial realities, and multi-generational issues that may arise later. By listening to what you need, we can customize this package to include Mortgage Application Assistance, Bill Paying, Insurance Services, Bank Statement Reconciliation, Investment Services, Household Employee Payroll, Family Governance, Internal Due Diligence, Tax Return Preparation, Personal Financial Management, Budget/Expense Reporting, Legal Referrals and Coordination, Cash Flow Projections

Personal Compliance

You can trust us to listen when you explain your tax compliance challenges. Depending on your goals, our private client investment management team will work alongside you to create a tax planning strategy that considers your present conditions. The strategy will be designed to enable you to achieve your short-term- and long-term goals. To allow us to do this, our team will tap into its extensive knowledge, industry experience, and global reach to address all your concerns. Some of the clients who come to us for help with personal compliance include Multi-Generational Family-Owned Businesses, C-Suite Executives, Entertainers, Professional Athletes, Entertainers

Estate Planning

After working hard to create wealth, your legacy is the last thing you want to worry about. Our estate planning services can help you make retirement, education, and ongoing support arrangements for all your survivors. And this is not forgetting investment advice for existing assets to aid in the continuation of all closely held family ventures. The plans we develop with you today will cater to your life needs and those of your dependents and descendants. As you'll come to see, having a solid estate plan can significantly minimize your beneficiaries' tax burden. Our estate planning experts will provide you with valuable guidance that applies to your situation and which will encompass services such as Business Valuation, Estate Planning, Adequacy of Life Insurance, Fiduciary Services, Buy/Sell Agreements

Personal Risk Analysis

Personal risk analysis allows you to gain control over the unknowns. With every waking day, you'll find yourself taking steps designed to better your finances and make your family's life more comfortable. While at it, you may forget to prepare yourself for the unknowns and the unexpected. And this is where we come in. We will sit down with you and consider what the coming years may hold for you. Based on the analysis performed by our private client tax experts, we will proceed to help you develop goals that will suit your current financial situation. Our aim here is to prepare you for what may come down the line and will involve identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

Individual Advice

Individual advice is closely related to personal risk analysis, even though we provide it as a separate service. For this service, the private client consultancy expert will rely on the information we collected about you during the personal risk analysis. The expert will use this option to develop a customized option designed to assist you in optimizing your insurance programme. If you like, we can also arrange for a solution that will help in protecting your valuables, personal property, and other assets. Our strategy will always start with you. From individuals to non-profits to business owners, we are here to listen to you and design custom solutions that will serve your needs. All our recommendations are unbiased and expertly crafted to account for all possibilities.

Business and Investment Management

It's normal for entrepreneurs to have multiple stakes in businesses that make immense contributions to their individual bottom line. Where this is the case, the private client services tax consultant will typically recommend that you include this in your financial planning. FormationWise is uniquely situated to provide you with a broad range of business and investment management services that include Executive Compensation, Traditional Accounting Services, Benchmarking, Exit Strategies, Debt Management, Succession Planning, Private Equity/Initial Public Offerings, Qualified Valuations, Financial Audits

Charitable Planning

All private client accountants know all too well that philanthropic planning makes for an important subcategory of financial and wealth planning. The personal accountants handling your estate affairs will work with you to meet your charitable goals. Their guidance positions you to continue creating a positive and enduring legacy by contributing to the causes close to your heart. Top among the charitable planning services provided by our team are Testamentary Bequests, Developing A Donation Strategy, Bequests of Retirement Plan Asses, Formation and Management of Charitable Structures, Gifts of Life Insurance, Private Foundations, Charitable Annuities, Public Charities, Charitable Trusts, Donor Advised Funds, Tax Optimization, Gifts of Property and Other Cash Gifts

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Benefits of Private Client Services

The world as we know it continues to become more and more complex with each passing day. This is more so with regard to individual wealth and corresponding financial affairs. Everyone from budding entrepreneurs to employees and family offices is facing unique challenges.

What makes the situation even more compounded is the fact that some of these challenges are known, whereas others remain unknown and hidden from the public eye. Our private client legal services team understands all these challenges and the problems they pose.

With our assistance, it will become easier for you to plan for your present and future. By choosing to seek our advice and expertise today, you’ll be positioning yourself to avoid unwanted costs and unexpected issues in the future. The top benefits of this service are:

Single Point of Contact

Our private client service provides you with access to a dedicated expert who will handle all your financial and investment concerns. Their expert guidance will ensure you never have to worry about your estate.

Access to Alternative Investments

The FormationWise private client financial services can open the door to private capital and exclusive hedge fund opportunities.

Ongoing Benefits for Business Owners

Trying to juggle your personal and professional life can prove overwhelming, regardless of how good you're at multitasking. Working with a private client wealth management firm can enable you to strike a balance between the two.

Why Choose FormationWise

FormationWise provides an extensive list of private client services that are delivered to our clients by an experienced team of accountants and wealth management experts. Our service offering includes assistance with business tax planning services and individual advice.

For new clients, there are a few reasons you may want to consider hiring us for your estate planning needs. They include the following:

An All-Inclusive Suite of Wealth Management Services

Our private client group services are extensive and range from managing family operations to personal risk analysis and business and investment management. The team works with you to develop a bespoke strategy that will allow you to manage your affairs more efficiently.

Simple Process

We have simplified the entire process to ensure you never have to worry about juggling your personal and professional responsibilities. With us, you’re assured that your retirement life will be stress-free and that your dependents and descendants are well taken care of.

Highly Experienced and Capable Team of Private Client Banking Experts

We at FormationWise rely on a team of highly experienced industry veterans to provide wealth management advice to all our private clients. It’s a team that comprises professionals who have spent years honing their skills and developing networks all over the globe.

No Hidden Fees

Our private clients never have to worry about incurring hidden charges as we are always clear on the pricing mechanisms. Besides providing you with a free consultation, you can trust us to communicate all the charges upfront, ensuring there are no unwanted surprises.

Requirements to Become A Private Client

When you require comprehensive fiduciary services and financial planning, you’ll want to do more than hope that you have chosen the right private client banking partner. You must trust that you have chosen the right advisor who is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

The FormationWise private client investment management team is committed and dedicated to building strong and long-lasting relationships with all our clients. But for this to happen, there are certain requirements you’ll need to meet before we can get started.

To qualify for private client consultancy, we will need to confirm that you meet specific daily and monthly averages in your investment and savings accounts. And the only way for us to ascertain this is by reaching out to our team for a more detailed consultation.

How to choose the best service for you?

Choosing the best private client advisors always seems like a complicated decision for anyone doing it for the first time. The decision is further complicated by the fact that whoever you hire will have to look after your needs and those of your family too.

What you need to do

Therefore, you are responsible for ensuring you only hire the best firm available. We at FormationWise recommend considering the following factors when hiring a private client advisor:

Level of experience

You want to work with a highly experienced team with years of experience in private wealth management.

The number of services provided

The best private client advisors are those who are in a position to offer an all-inclusive list of services and not just a single service that limits your options.

Efficiency and reliability

Look into the reputation of the team or company you want to hire. A search on Google should reveal some past reviews about the firm.


It’s in your best interest to learn about all the applicable fees and other related expenses beforehand. This way, you get to avoid paying hidden charges and costs.

How Does It Work?

What our experts do

Private client accountants are tasked with providing advisory and tax compliance services to wealthy individuals such as entertainers, athletes, and musicians. They also work with family groups to prepare income tax returns and conduct a personal risk analysis.


Besides offering business tax planning services, these accountants can also arm you with the information you need to benefit from the happenings in the financial markets. Working hand in hand with them makes it easier to navigate the complexities that characterize the financial markets.

What you will gain

You'll learn how to invest and diversify your portfolio through your interactions with them, including how to plan for your charity donations. All your interactions with these professionals are aimed at helping you attain your financial goals.

Table of Contents

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The private client group generally refers to individuals, business owners, estates, high-net-worth individuals, families, charitable organizations, trusts, and pension plan sponsors. It also includes corporations and other types of companies.
At FormationWise, we often require clients coming to us for this service to have a minimum of £ 41,185 in their savings or investment accounts. But please note that our team of consultants deserves the right to waive the aforementioned minimum.

Your individual wealth – as measured by your money and assets – needs to be managed for it to grow and increase its worth. Wealth management refers to the procs involved in appraising and making decisions related to your wealth to enable you to attain your long-term financial goals.
Oftentimes, wealth management requires you to work with a wealth manager who can provide you with services such as estate planning, tax planning, and individual advice. The primary goal here is to enable you to protect your wealth and attain financial security.
The question of whether or not to enlist the help of a wealth manager will depend on your goals and your current financial situation. Keep in mind that working with such a professional can allow you to strike a balance between your personal and professional responsibilities.

As a high-net-worth individual, the chances are that you already have a financial director or accountant working for you. While this professional will come in handy in managing your business expenses, you still need someone to offer you individual advice.
A private client tax consultant can liaise with the above professional and devise a way to separate your personal funds from your business funds. They can also brainstorm on how to invest your business assets more efficiently.
For example, if you’re earning an income from dividends, the wealth manager will want to know how you have set this out for them to advise you on possible tax implications. Please note that their primary focus will remain on you and not on your company.

A business advisor or consultant is a professional whose job is to plan and execute business strategies that will improve efficiency in a business’s financial and operational management. Their responsibilities include performing risk assessments, preparing budgets, and advising on projects.
On the other hand, a private client advisor is a professional who works with high-net-worth individuals to manage their money, assets, and other investments. These professionals usually are the employees of a large bank or an independent company such as FormationWise. Their duties may include preparing tax returns and providing financial advice.

The FormationWise private client legal services professionals provide hourly and fixed fee compensation packages, depending on what you want to be done. When it comes to financial planning, our hourly fees range from £82 to £411.
Our fixed fees fall in the range of £205 to £20,577. Remember, how much you’ll pay will depend on the service you need. However, you can trust us to provide you with a detailed cost breakdown structure before we start.
The breakdown structure is to guarantee an open and fair pricing policy.

It consists of highly customized financial products and services tailored to the needs of high-net-worth individuals of a financial institution or retail bank. Private banking includes a broad range of services, such as estate planning, wealth management, and tax services.
Although this service is primarily aimed at an exclusive clientele, brokerages and consumer banks can tailor it to meet the needs of different clients. The offering is made available to the public through special departments dubbed ‘wealth management’ or ‘private banking.’

Charitable planning gives you the freedom to support all the charitable causes that matter to you without worrying about using up all your retirement savings. Some of the top benefits offered by this service are:
I. Reduce Taxes: Depending on how you have planned your donations, there are donations that are exempted from tax filings.
II. Make an Even Bigger Impact: Charity planning will allow you to explore how you can join others in making a more significant impact in society.
III. Ensure Your Family is Provided for and Reduce their Challenges: It ensures your dependents are provided for while making clear your plans on how you want your money to be spent.

Advisors offer exceptional advice whenever you find yourself getting confused or emotional on matters related to your estate or wealth management. A FormationWise private client banking consultant will ask you questions to understand your needs and financial goals.
Your answers will guide them in preparing an investment strategy for you. Other benefits of hiring an advisor include the following:
• Specialised expertise
• Proactive financial planning
• Get a viable return on investment
• Unburden yourself and your family from financial stress

Estate planning refers to the process involved in clarifying what will happen if you become incapacitated or when you pass on. Those involved will be people who are well-versed in your goals, concerns, and existing assets.
The process can include a handful of professionals ranging from a life insurance advisor to a private client legal services expert and accountant. It covers a variety of matters, including the transfer of property at death, including how you want your will dispensed.

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