Shelf Companies: Choose the Perfect One for Your Investing needs

Investing in a shelf-company can be the perfect way to diversify your portfolio.

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What is a shelf company?

Shelf companies are defined as LLCs, corporations or similar entities filed at a previous date and then allowed to age. These entities are also commonly referred to as aged corporations or ready made companies. They are dormant and therefore not currently involved in any trading activities. Limited liability companies both public and private are the most common types of available shelf companies that you can purchase.

What are the benefits?

Buying a shelf company offer investors and entrepreneurs many benefits. Chief among them is the fact that they allow you to acquire an existing legal entity instead of establishing a new one. This makes it possible for you to quickly and legally get a corporate history. Additional benefits associated with the purchase of a shelf company for sale include the fact that many available entities have already been in existence for many years. You will find that shelf companies often have established bank accounts and VAT identification numbers.

What to expect

Purchasing ready made companies for sale means that they are already incorporated and can be handed over to the new directors. At that point, shares can be transferred over to new shareholders for the entity. Additional benefits that are associated with the purchasing shelf companies include:

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Formationwise can assist you to incorporate a company in the below international jurisdictions:

Our Shelf Company Services Include:

At FormationWise, we help entrepreneurs and investors acquire shelf companies that help them to achieve their professional and financial goals. You can count on our team of global partners to assist you throughout the entire process. When you work with our team, we make sure that everything is in order so you can get a quick and desirable result. The list of services that we offer include:

Assistance with choosing the most suitable company

The wide variety of available types of entities means that you should have no trouble locating ready made shelf companies for sale that meet your needs. Our team at FormationWise is here to help you throughout the process. You can rely on us to assist you in choosing the most suitable company that can help you to achieve the financial and professional goals that you currently have. We can suggest a variety of available entities across different sectors that will be a good fit for the current needs that you have expressed to us during the consultation process.

Company due diligence

Company due diligence is a key part of the company selection process regardless of the fact that the prospective options have had no activities. At FormationWise, we assist you in conducting the due diligence that is a crucial part of purchasing a ready made company. Given the fact that the number of available companies is so significant, the due diligence process is a vital part of determining if an entity is a good fit for your needs. There are various types of businesses that foreign investors and entrepreneurs can purchase so it is important to have an idea of which forms are best aligned with your needs. Our company formation professionals offer comprehensive support to you for the selection of appropriate businesses that are available in your chosen jurisdiction.

Preparation of all relevant company documents

Accurately completing all relevant company documents is essential to ensuring that the process of purchasing shelf companies is conducted as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can count on the FormationWise team to assist you in the completion of all relevant documents before they are submitted. This will help to ensure that you do not end up encountering delays in the purchasing and registration of your new company. That way, you can get everything up and running in a timely manner so you can get to work accomplishing the goals that you have for your newly acquired legal entity.

Communication with relevant authorities on your behalf

Our team of financial experts at FormationWise is made up of experienced professionals who have spent years working with the authorities in many key jurisdictions across the world. We utilise this knowledge and experience to assist you in communicating with all relevant authorities in the chosen jurisdiction that you wish to purchase ready made companies for sale. We understand that it can seem like an overwhelming process to connect with the relevant authorities you must deal with to purchase a company in a foreign country. With our extensive network of connections, you can rest easy knowing that we are there to help you throughout the communication process with the authorities that are relevant to your specific situation.

Changes to articles of association and ownership

Upon the acquisition of your newly acquired ready made company, it is important to efficiently make all necessary changes to the articles of association and ownership. When you choose FormationWise, this process never needs to stress you out. We will assist you in making these vital changes as a part of our comprehensive process involved in helping you to purchase a company that meets your investment needs. You can count on our help in submitting all the official documentation that must be sent to the relevant authorities in the jurisdiction where your new company is located.

Company amendments: Name, directors & address

Upon the purchase of a ready made limited company, there are going to be some specific amendments that need to be made. This can include changing the company name as well as adding the names of the new directors and amending the entity's address. Company amendments are another key area where our company formation professionals at FormationWise can assist you. We ensure that all of the required documentation is submitted correctly so you can be confident that your desired amendments to your newly acquired company are ready to go. It is another way that we assist you in moving forward with the goals that you have for your new business.

Why Invest In an Offshore Shelf Company?

Investing in a ready made company is a proven way for investors to launch their business operations quickly in desirable jurisdictions across the world. The fact that all required purchase formalities can be conducted in a short time is a notable perk of choosing an aged corporation. This means that you will soon be able to begin purchasing assets, setting up your corporate bank account and starting to trade.

Choosing an offshore ready made company is desirable for many investors and entrepreneurs because of the different tax systems that can be found around the world. This provides you with a variety of great options for saving money and achieving the financial goals that you have set for yourself.

With your aged company, you can expect to take advantage of benefits that include an already established VAT number, an existing bank account and an acquisition process that is quick and easy. An additional benefit is the fact that the established longevity of ready made companies can help to boost consumer confidence. It is a key reason why so many investors and entrepreneurs around the world choose to pick up aged corporations.

Why Choose FormationWise?

There is no shortage of reasons to choose our company formation professionals at FormationWise when you wish to purchase shelf companies in key jurisdictions across the globe. We offer a variety of offshore company formation solutions designed to help you in the achievement of your goals. Our ready made company package includes your initial consultation where we will discuss your current goals. From there, we can take a look at a variety of available ready made companies for sale that are a good fit.

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Documents Required

There are key documents that you must submit when you purchase a ready made, aged company. The documents required for purchasing and registering a shelf company through our company formation experts at FormationWise include:

When you work with FormationWise for your ready made company acquisition needs, you can count on our assistance in ensuring that all of your documentation is in order and ready to go. Putting together this required documentation is a key step in the process of getting your newly purchased company operating.

Pros and Cons

There are some notable advantages associated with the purchase of shelf ready made companies as well as a few disadvantages. They include:


Ready Made Companies Make It Easy to Get New Contracts and Suppliers

When you launch a brand new business, it can sometimes be difficult to secure new contracts and suppliers. Purchasing a ready made company can help you with establishing trust in these critical areas.

It Is Easier to Get Business Banking Approval

Having a business bank account is essential for success in today’s corporate world. It can be much easier to approach banks to apply for accounts and credit cards when you own an aged company. This is because banks are more likely to work with older businesses.

Choosing an Aged Company Saves You Time

Picking up shelf companies can also save you a lot of time in getting your business operations up and running. Rather than starting a new business from scratch, you can pick up a company that is pre-registered so you can begin trading much quicker.

Owning Shelf Companies Can Boost Client Confidence

Building confidence with your clients is one of the key elements of success. Owning a ready made business has proven to significantly boost client confidence because they give an impression of longevity.

There Can Be Advantages Related to Bidding for Contracts From Government Agencies

To attain many contracts from government agencies, it is required that a business has been in operation for a specified time. Ready made companies help you to achieve the required length of time in business needed to bid on these lucrative contracts.


There Is a Significant Amount of Required Investment

One of the most important things to be aware of related to the purchase of shelf companies is the fact that there is a significant amount of investment required. The age of the company and its sale price is directly connected. This means that the greater the company’s age, the greater to purchase costs. This fact should always be at the forefront of the mind of any investor considering the acquisition of shelf companies.

A Companies Age Does Not Guarantee Success in Loan Applications

It is important to note that the age of a company is not the only point of criteria that are considered by banks when deciding whether or not to approve a loan that you have applied for. The reality is that banks are more concerned with factors such as your tax returns and revenues.

There Can Be Hidden Liabilities

You also want to keep an eye out for hidden liabilities when purchasing shelf companies. You want to make sure that you avoid purchasing any company that has assets/liabilities associated with it. There can also be other hidden liabilities. It is vital to pick up shelf companies from trusted, reliable sellers. This is another area where our global financial experts at FormationWise can assist you.

How to Buy a Shelf Company?

Generally speaking, the process of purchasing shelf corporations includes registering as a limited company. When your purchase is complete, you will receive your sale-purchase agreement. From there, the company’s investors need to appoint at least one director. These companies also generally have to have at least one shareholder. The procedure of share transfer is key to the process. This transfer changes over the company’s ownership. Once you have purchased a ready made company, you can modify its trading name, appoint directors and name a secretary. At this point, you can also change over the company’s registered office. Our FormationWise company formation experts are ready to get to work today helping you to purchase the aged corporation that you have been seeking to assist you in the achievement of your professional goals.

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Shelf companies are also commonly referred to as aged companies or ready made companies. They are an ideal vehicle for investors who want to begin trading without having to go through the time-consuming, rigorous process of company registration. These companies are a popular choice among foreign entrepreneurs and investors who want to acquire a company that is already registered. This allows them to begin operation as soon as a new Memorandum/Articles of Association have been drafted.

New ready made companies are entities that have never traded. These companies are ready for immediate transfer to a new owner. Their benefits include the ability to immediately start a business, open a bank account and sign contacts. They come with all required statutory documents. Aged ready made companies are ones that have been in existence for a number of years. This fact makes it easier to establish bank accounts and establish relationships with manufacturers/distributors. They also help to inspire consumer confidence because of the perception of longevity.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing shelf companies to invest in. You will need to think about factors such as the amount of risk you are comfortable taking on. You should also select a company that has been built for an industry that you are comfortable with/interested in. The good news is the fact that our company formation professionals at FormationWise can help you to make a sound decision regarding investment in shelf companies.

In the vast majority of cases, you do not have a requirement to physically go to the jurisdiction that you select for the purchase of shelf ready made companies. Our company formation pros at FormationWise can facilitate the process for you in an efficient manner that relieves you of the need to travel to the country in question. It is important to note that most jurisdictions are going to require you to hold a registered office within their borders. Our team can assist you in establishing this requirement so you can get your company up and running.

Yes, you can change the name of your ready made company with VAT number. Just as with establishing a name for a new company, the new name for your ready made company should be checked against the company registry in your jurisdiction of choice. The process of changing the company’s name generally takes no longer than one week.

The regulations governing who can purchase a ready made company are generally the same as those that govern the launch of a new business in the specific jurisdiction in question. Many global jurisdictions have no restrictions on who can own a company within their borders. In most cases, both domestic and foreign individuals can purchase an aged corporation. If you are eligible to form a new company in your region of choice, you will most likely also be able to purchase a ready made one as well.

The speed with which shelf companies can be purchased and begin trading is a key factor behind their popularity. Generally speaking, the process takes only 24 hours and no longer than a week at the longest. Working with our experts at FormationWise is the proven way to buy shelf companies quickly and efficiently. We make sure that all of your required documentation/paperwork is in order so there are no delays.

A ready made company with bank account does not have any existing assets or liabilities. Though picking up a ready made company will not cause you to inherit previous debts, proper due diligence is essential to make sure you are not picking up a legal entity that has a bad reputation that you could end up having to deal with.

Yes, it is safe to purchase a ready made company as long as you perform the necessary due diligence. Since these entities are dormant, they are not currently involved in any trading activities. They also carry with them no liability. As noted, you want to avoid purchasing shelf companies that previously had a negative reputation as this can compromise your ability to turn a profit and achieve your financial goals. Our team of company formation professionals at FormationWise will carefully guide you toward ready made company opportunities that are free from these issues. This will make a big difference in your ability to achieve the type of success that you are striving for as an investor or entrepreneur.

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