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The basics

Honesty, originality, and imagination are the three components you need to make your business, marketing materials, and brand stand out in an already crowded field. As a brand, you must constantly stress over whether your site is performing as expected.


Performance in website creation revolves around generating leads, converting them into sales, and providing the best representation possible for your company. If your site has stopped doing all this, then it’s time that you consider the FormationWise web creation services.

Our team

Our in-house team of website design experts is brimming with innovative ideas on how to enhance its performance. These ideas will place the audience and your brand messaging at the forefront of every new project it undertakes.

Our experience

We can and have worked with multiple clients located in different jurisdictions, including but not limited to Asia Pacific, America, and the Caribbean. We can work with our clients in person or online via Teams, Zoom, and our in-house PMS.

What we do

Wondering what we can do for you? Below is a look at our affordable website creation package:

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Our Website Creation Services Include

Website Design and Redesign of An Existing Website

As a trusted web creation and design service provider, FormationWise is proud to uphold transparency and security in everything its developers do. Our team will work closely with you to learn and understand your overall objectives before offering a solution. We place customer service at the forefront of everything we engage in, allowing us to create genuinely personal and impactful websites. Our clients are always happy to comment on how much they appreciate our no-hidden cost and friendly pricing business approach. Our website design services are meant to cater to the needs of all prospective website owners. Some of our popular services include Starter Website, Value Plus Website, E-Commerce Basic, Membership Website Design, E-Commerce Plus, E-Commerce Site Unlimited, Brochure Site Unlimited

SEO and Digital Strategy

Website development represents a small fraction of what we do. Once your site is ready, you’ll need to ensure it ranks well in search engines and that it’s visible to your target audience. For this to happen, you have to create an SEO and digital marketing strategy. Getting the right pages on your newly launched website to rank on Google for your target keywords can open your business to a new client pool. It’s the key to getting more eyes on your products and brand in general. But before this can happen, you must learn how to create and integrate a digital marketing strategy into your broader marketing strategy. The right strategy will increase the amount of traffic coming to your site, significantly boosting your lead generation and overall conversion.

E-Commerce Development

Our team cannot only help you create a responsive web design, but it can also design and develop a beautiful e-commerce site for you. The e-commerce website design package includes an SEO-optimized database, discount codes, related products, and stock management features. We make sure to include all other features that you would expect an e-commerce content management system to contain. Our e-commerce SEO services team will work with you to understand what you need from your site, including the categories you want it to have. Besides deciding on the categories of products you want to sell online, we will take you through a range of off-site payment gateways that may interest you. Ours is to ensure that your journey to launching an e-commerce platform is hassle-free and enjoyable from start to finish.

Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting and maintenance are part of our website care plan, which we provide together with web page design services. When clients host their sites with FormationWise’s superfast SSD servers, they’re assured that the performance and reliability of their sites are in expert hands. We have included a number of features in our hosting and maintenance care packages that will allow you to get on running your platform without having to worry about its availability. Examples of these include regular updates for the site and available plugins. Frequent updates are needed to guarantee its continued security and functionality. Apart from the updates, we also back up your site on a monthly basis as part of our web design services offering. Email hosting is available on request, together with content management.

Content Creation

Every site needs regular content if it’s to rank for its target audience. Our in-house team of content creators can assist in creating attention-grabbing content that’s helpful to your followers. This is content that will keep visitors engaged, informed, and coming back for more. When it comes to content creation, some of the things we can do for you include the following: • Blog Writing: FormationWise has an experienced team of writers who can provide well-written, formatted, and optimized blogs for your audience. Remember, you need to post regular blog posts for your search engine optimization needs. • Video: Video has become an essential part of every content strategy in use today, and we are here to advise you on how you can use it to boost engagement. • Infographics: No SEO marketing campaign is ever complete without imagery. Incorporating imagery into your blogs will draw an audience to your content and encourage them to learn more about what you offer.

Branding and Graphic Design

An SEO consultant from FormationWise can work with your team to create distinctive branding that will captivate your audience. Through collaboration, we can employ market research and brand development tactics to create a logo that speaks volumes for your brand. The right logo and brand development strategy ensures you continue to remain relevant even when faced with an ever-changing environment. Plus, with the right branding message, your audience will be able to identify your products from the logo alone. Graphic design comes in handy when planning an advertising campaign. No matter whether you need print or digital designs, you can trust us to deliver on your graphic design needs. The final products will spark action from the moment they get deployed.

Why Do You Need A Specialized Website?

While it has become simple for anyone and everyone to create a website, there are instances where you may need a professional one. This is especially true if you plan on commissioning professional SEO services or on running an e-commerce platform.

Below are some benefits of having a specialized website:

Create a Professional Web Presence

Instead of being a typical local business or corner shop down the street, running a website, especially one with a professional design, shows your visitors that you’re serious about your business.

It’s Among the First Things Potential Clients Look For

After potential clients have driven past your corner shop and want to learn more about you, they will first go online. A website will also enable you to appear in local search results.

It Will Help You Keep Up with Your Competition

If your business wants to keep up with your competition, you’ll need to have a specialized website. You may also need to commission professional e-commerce SEO services to make it discoverable.

Increased Revenue

A professionally designed specialist website has the potential to attract more visitors that convert than a hastily built one. Increased conversion translates to a better bottom line and more recognition in the industry.

Own Your Name

Launching a site and purchasing a domain name allows you to lay claim to your business name. Also, it’s one of the fastest ways to improve your brand recognition.

It Facilitates Interaction with Existing Customers

Besides allowing you to connect with potential clients, a specialized website allows you to maintain your connection with your existing clients. The website will benefit you and the clients.

Why Choose FormationWise?

FormationWise provides professional digital and social media marketing services that significantly impact your search engine optimization strategy. Our website creation services cater to all the fundamentals of web development to guarantee your online visibility.

Some of the reasons why you should consider working with our in-house developers are:

Simple Process

We will take the complexity out of the web development process to ensure you understand everything that pertains to web design. Our designers will explain every step of the way and inform you of every action taken in creating the e-commerce platform.

Complete Range of Services

As an e-commerce marketing agency, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with all the web creation services you need. You can trust our team to provide you with professional SEO services, content creation, and branding and graphic design services.

Free Initial Consultation

Every client who visits FormationWise for affordable website creation services benefits from a free initial consultation. The consultation enables us to understand your web creation and design needs.

Highly Experienced

Our in-house team of developers handles all website design projects. The team has years of experience working on diverse E-commerce development projects and creating successful SEO campaigns and digital strategies.

Fully Confidential

When you select us for your website development needs, you can rest assured that every piece of information you share with us will remain confidential. All records, business files, and other details shared with our team are highly secured.


What Makes A Website Great?


Your site reflects your brand, products, and services, and ultimately, your business. Therefore, it’s essential that it possesses a responsive web design and be professional, polished, and visually appealing. Ensure it has uncluttered layouts, white space, photos, and graphics.


Its design should fulfill the goals you had set when starting out. What matters is that it allows your message to come out loud and clear. For this, its design must be well thought-out and on-brand. More importantly, everyone should be able to use it without any issues.


Every great website feature branding. Branding can take on various forms, including the use of images, infographics, or logos. Use your brand messaging to set a mood or illustrate the purpose of your website.


Always remember that whatever is happening behind the scenes is just as important as what your visitors can see. Thus, prioritizing performance and responsiveness is among the essential modern-day web design practices to observe.

Mobile-First Mindset

We are in 2023, a time when smartphones are today used for everything from entertainment to payment. Consequently, a great website should be accessible via mobile; otherwise, you’ll have a hard time getting quality traffic to your e-commerce platform.

Quality Content

Design alone isn’t enough to get you the traffic you need. The site needs to have outstanding content as well. When creating content, use persuasive language that can attract and influence the visitors to return for more. Quality content allows you to become an authority in your chosen niche.

How to Improve Your Digital Strategy?

Having a good strategy is essential for your business. Optimizing it will help you better understand your goals and easily establish yourself and your company on the market. 

So what to look for

Emphasize Your Active Sales Channels

You need to let your customers know that your business is in a position to meet their needs without stating the obvious. Shift your focus to all the sales channels that are operational, and enlist the help of an e-commerce marketing agency to audit their efficiency. 

An audit will assist in revealing how these channels are performing. Encourage your marketing team to focus on these to ensure they don’t mislead potential customers to channels that no longer work or aren’t open at the moment.

Focus on Conversion, Not just Generating Leads

Data is among the essential pillars of a winning digital and social media marketing strategy. Both data and metrics ought to influence every decision your marketing team takes.

Optimize Your SEO

SEO optimization mainly occurs within B2C circles. However, there’s a need to constantly audit your SEO score in all environments, including B2B. Your e-commerce SEO services provider should employ focus keywords, a URL structure that correlates with the target keywords, and Google-friendly HTML formatting.

Ensure Your Content is Share-Worthy

It’s essential that your marketing stand out if people are to take notice of your products among the hundreds littering the digital space. Therefore, ensure that your content is share-worthy, no matter whether you have it curated or created.

Content sharing allows it to spread in the digital landscape organically. Try to use different content when targeting different segments instead of using a size fits all approach, which may backfire if deployed incorrectly.

What is the Process?

The website development process is not a one shoe fits all approach. How long the process will take from start to finish will depend on the size of the project, the type of website, and the team members. During the web page design process, several steps must be followed. These are:

Create a Plan

The first thing you must do in the web creation and design process is to establish a plan. Your plan should include important factors such as: • Objectives of your website • Its target audience • Features • The content you’ll upload • Its timeline You need this step to avoid scope creep and to ensure you remain on track.

Come Up with a Wireframe

A wireframe refers to the blueprint related to your website and will include its layout and overall structure. We use it to help us understand how the final platform will look and feel.

Develop a Sitemap

A sitemap is basically a map of the platform that shows its structure and page hierarchy. It assists in showing how the site will be organized, including how the pages will relate to each other.

Designing the User Interface

The user interface refers to the face of your site and includes its branding, visuals, and overall look and feel.

Website Development

This is where we get to code its front-end and back-end.


We use this phase to confirm that the site is working correctly and has no issues. Testing can take two forms: manual or automated.


If the tests are successful, all that remains is to launch the site. Launching involves making the website live and available to your customers.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process used by an SEO consultant to optimize your site’s content relevance, technical configuration, and link popularity. Its primary aim is to make its pages easy to find, popular with search queries, and more relevant to keywords.

In return, search engines, e.g., Google, get to rank them better in search results.

SEO affects you and your site in several ways, as shown below:

User Experience: It offers your visitors a good user experience. Its intention is to ensure that users can find the information they need in a few simple clicks.

Visibility: SEO gives your site the visibility it needs to attract your target audience. Thus, the higher your ranking, the better your traffic.

It Enables You to Understand Your Target Audience: SEO marketing allows you to understand the needs of your audience. You can use it to analyze their search patterns and adjust your optimization to better address these needs.

Trust and Credibility: Users place a lot of confidence in search engines. High ranking, therefore, means you’re a credible source of information.

Definitely! If you have the time, tools, and will to do it, you can implement SEO on an e-commerce platform all on your own. But while this is the case, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s advisable to do it.

Like everything else web related, this process comes with a steep learning curve.

And instead of spending hours trying to learn how to research keywords, why not delegate this to a professional SEO services provider? A professional from FormationWise will possess industry expertise that will go a long way toward making you more competitive.

Hiring a professional SEO consultant also saves you time and money.

Social media plays a crucial role when incorporated into e-commerce SEO services. Through it, you can interact with your clients and share important news and other announcements in real-time.

If you have the right social media platforms, you can use them to:
• Sell and promote your goods and services
• Create online networks
• Reach your customers more quickly

Although it has its advantages, there are considerable risks to using social media. Make sure to learn its pros and cons and how to relate with the public on social media before you get started. One wrong move or comment can lead to your brand suffering immensely.

The website design process can take anywhere from 10 to 14 weeks. The timeframe mentioned here covers the entire period from ideation to completion. Please note that this is an estimate and that the overall duration will vary depending on the complexity and size of your project.

Often, the website development team will divide this process into four categories as follows:

I. Planning (two to three weeks)
II. Content creation, optimization, and management (four to six weeks)
III. Website design and development (two to three weeks)
IV. Testing, review, and final launch (one to two weeks)

Our developers will provide a more concrete timeframe during consultation.

E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to the individuals and companies that buy or sell goods and services online. It operates in different market segments and can be executed via smartphones, tablets, computers, and other intelligent devices.

Thanks to e-commerce, you can get almost every imaginable product or service available today. Examples of things you can buy through it include financial services, books, plane tickets, and music. E-commerce today falls into these categories:

• Business to Consumer
• Business to Business
• Business to Government
• Consumer to Consumer
• Consumer to Business
• Consumer to Government

Each class has its pros and cons.

If you already have a website, we can help redesign it. A redesign is where our developers get to overhaul the existing code, visuals, content, and overall structure. Its goal is to serve the needs of its visitors more efficiently.

When done correctly, the redesign can boost your revenue, improve the user experience, and lower bounce rates. All this will translate to increased sales and better ranking in search engine results.

A CMS or content management system refers to software that enables your team to craft, manage, and edit the content on your site without having to learn technical skills. A good CMS can allow you to create a website without learning code.

Instead of creating a system for developing web pages and handling other web functions, the CMS handles all the infrastructural stuff for you. This allows you to concentrate on other aspects of web design and development.

FormationWise will help you brand your business by ensuring you first understand what a brand is and its elements. With this regard, we will work on creating a logo for your brand that speaks about its personality and which can evoke emotions in customers.

While at it, we will also embark on working on your identity, which is something you need if you’re to build a connection with your target customer base. Our branding services include creating a tagline and developing a company mission statement.

Various terms are used in the website creation process, some of which can create confusion. Web design and web development are an example of such terms.

To make it clear, web design refers to the process followed when creating the front end of your website. The front end is the part that the visitors will interact with when visiting your site. Its goal is to make it understandable and visually appealing.

Web development, on the other hand, deals with the back end. Here, we are talking about the behind-the-scenes programming that enables a site to work. The functions created on the front end can’t work without the back end.


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